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Fair - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 3.41 pm, Saturday 4th March, 2006
Subject: Fair
Security: Public
Music:Small children singing through the floor
The show I'm currently touring with as electrician is coming to places where I actually know people, and it's a good show I want people to see. It's called Fair by Joy Wilkinson and will be at the Warwick Arts Centre next Tuesday and Wednesday (7th & 8th March) and then at the Burton Taylor Theatre the week after (13th to 17th March). It is presented by those lovely people at floodtide.

At both of these venues I'll be working through the day and then watching the show for the first night and then going home, and I'll be back, although not necessarily watching, for the last night, but I'll have to put the show back in its truck after the performance. Did that make any sense?

The show itself is a boy-meets-girl-at-funfair affair with a bit of politics thrown in for good measure, and rattles along at a healthy pace. Good actors, good direction. Please come.

Aside from that, life continues apace with the dawning realisation that it is time for RA summer exhibition submissions. Doesn't time fly.
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