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Time passes - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 5.52 pm, Saturday 14th January, 2006
Subject: Time passes
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Music:Frank Zappa - Does Humor Belong In Music? - 06 - What's New In Baltimore
It's been a bizarre week. Reviews for Florodora are up here, here and, most importantly, here. So we've totally sold out, which means you won't get me begging you for money, and there's a chance that we'll make a soundtrack recording.

Since that I've slipped into the standard unemployed/depressed rhythm of being completely nocturnal, having lots to do and doing nothing, and watching too much TV. I've now watched all the Futurama, South Park and Jonathan Creek that exist.

I've spent the last couple of days filing and sorting all my old photographs, by which I mean all my old photographs. Just about every picture I've ever taken on 35mm. At one point I thought I might scan the lot in. There are thousands. I've spent days surrounded by the ghosts of friends and lovers and there are so many people I miss. And I've sat here thinking about calling people, and then wondered what do you say after that long? And then picked up another packet from another era and carried on the job.

BTW, does anyone use the LJ texting thingy? I've tried my number in two different combinations and it isn't working for me. Any tips?
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Katie Reah
User: giraffeontour
Date: 11.08 pm, Monday 16th January, 2006 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
What do you mean you don't know what to say? Take a leaf from my book... wait until some random time of the night when they will most likely be asleep or otherwise engaged and just say hello. Give them a minute or so to wake up and process that they have no idea who they're on the phone to and ask you who you are, then randomly invite yourself round to their house there and then with a bottle of something nicely alcoholic. Proceed to fill in the previous [insert length of time its been since you've seen them] years in one extremely long sentence (or many many extremely long sentences), then bugger off to bed and remember not to forget they're your friend all over again!

Are you coming to The Rocky or no?

p.s. I've lost The Game so many times now it's not even funny! I've also recruited many people to the concept and made many random new friends by making them lose The Game when I announce my sheer uselessness at this sport and they go "Nyaaaaargh- so've I!".

p.p.s. Sorry to anyone who just lost The Game.
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