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So that was a roller coaster... - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.36 pm, Sunday 25th December, 2005
Subject: So that was a roller coaster...
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Mood:Sleepy already
Music:Neil Innes
Friday I had a casting for a commercial for a norwegian cruise line. Should I get it, I will be paid £5,300 and have a nine day cruise around the carribean. For this I will have to do two days filming in a cast of 30 or so. Casting went well. Girl in after me was at drama school with me and we went for a coffee. Cheered me up immensely to realise I do know people in London, and they are lovely. Home, via Kensington, to a full on turkey dinner in its closing stages. Had some port and stilton, then christmas pudding, then turkey and trimmings, then salmon and asparagus, then champagne and mince pies. Then a night of packing, wrapping and generally sorting. What christmas cards I have written are still unposted and I feel generally silly and incompetent. Went to bed at 7.30am, ready to leave promptly in the morning. Realised it was morning. Realised we had said we were leaving at 7.30. Woke Dan, housemate and driver for the day, who had slept through his alarm. He hurridly dressed and went to pull the car round so that we could load it. Battery flat. On Christmas eve you would expect somebody to give us a jump start, but no. So we turned the car to point down the hill and I pushed it. Started first time. Race up the M1, traffic nowhere to be seen. Reach the family homestead to find Elly and Nick and Rebecca and an old school friend waiting. Tea, combat lesson for a ten year old, discussion of whether Dan would make his 6pm ferry to get to the Isle of Arran. Soup for lunch. And we began the endless prep for christmas lunch. More tea. Hot tub. Lamb for dinner. Stuffing the goose. Out cold at 8.30 sharp after 35 hours awake. No hallucinations, but quite tearful.

I woke at 7.30 on Christmas Day. Blearily I stumbled downstairs, wrapped in my dressing gown, the magnified image of my ten year old self. At the bottom of the stairs, though, a sharp right into the kitchen. Oven on. Back to bed.

Christmas day went as ever. Goose was good this year. Made eggnog, which was new. Presents were all lovely, although for the most part from my amazon wishlist. For the first time ever the present I gave my parents was more expensive than what they gave me. I don't like to think about money, especially not at christmas, but it made me feel strangely proud.

Someone should have given me some bromine for christmas though.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night.
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