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Day Two in the Oxford Play House - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 12.39 am, Wednesday 30th November, 2005
Subject: Day Two in the Oxford Play House
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As you may have gathered from the subject, I'm in Oxford, working in the Playhouse.

Pantomime production week. This year it's Cinderella, which they are at least admitting is a pantomime. However, they aren't using the traditional style of set or lighting, which consists of filling the building until it is an elaborate jigsaw puzzle that burns elecricity like it was going out of fashion. Instead we have a beautiful, if pointless, forest backdrop with odd bits of scenery artisticly suggesting locations. Makes no difference to my hours, though.

I'll be here until Saturday, if anyone fancies lunch/dinner/a late drink at some point.

I've just read my friends list for the first time in a while and I realise that many of my friends are on the downswing, physically and emotionally. I'm thinking of you.

When I have a few hours off I shall send grapes and hugs and the suchlike. For now I send distractions here and here. These are my current wind-downs.
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User: libellum
Date: 9.01 am, Wednesday 30th November, 2005 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Pity you weren't there on Sunday, strongtrousers and I could have dragged you out to lunch :) Enjoy!
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Laura: bunny
User: deep_thought42
Date: 7.43 pm, Wednesday 30th November, 2005 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Hi - this is gonna sound really stupid but I just found your LJ and we seem to have quite a few interests in common (Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Alan Plater, Red Dwarf, Flanders & Swann etc) so I was wondering if I could friend you?
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