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Party Details for Saturday - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.13 pm, Wednesday 26th October, 2005
Subject: Party Details for Saturday
Security: Public
Music:Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band on DNAYS
What follows is mostly the text prepared by Mr Max A Rush as an invitation to the aforementioned party. As has previously been stated, if you are reading this you are almost certainly invited.

You of all these people are invited to the first and last Brockwell Park housewarming, fireworks, halloween and 29th October party, currently and finally scheduled for 29st October. Those of you who had the satisfaction of attending last year's Walm firework night will be familiar with the conceptual basis of the soiree's logistical concept. Guests are all invited to bring one firework of reasonable proportions (this latter restriction merely to avoid the long timescales associated with traditional novembral microsquib proliferation), one piece of wood for combustion (this of poor enough quality to preclude any more creative uses) and if of sadistic mind, one effigy (construction not to include tyres, crude petroleum, tobacco or any deflagrating exposives). As this is to become a conventional evening of fireside merriment following detonations, you are also welcome to bring as many appropriately full bottles as you think fit.
The residence to be so warmed is located at the southern extremity of the Brockwell Park park peninsula, easily accessible from Herne Hill or Tulse Hill stations, the 68 bus and any one of many Brixtonian buses destined to attain the Herne Hill or Tulse Hill regions. Any potential guests concerned by the perceived remoteness of this area, be reassured thus: it is not remote.


A) Suitable pieces of wood:

Old piece of pine with knots, shakes and possibly nails
" spruce "
" ramin with stains and shakes
" afrormosia "
" ash of small section or very convoluted grain or otherwise unworkable but with an axe
" beech "
Old coniferous or deciduous log clearly rendered unworkable by fungal growth, but neither apparently harbouring a significant population of animal life nor recently removed from a forest for this purpose.

B) Suitable fireworks (not exclusive)

Medium/large barrage/roman candle
Medium/large mine
Medium/large rocket or pack thereof with sticks intact
Large fountain, esp. conical fountain
Medium/large mortar

C) Suggested bottles (not to arrive empty unless of great aesthetic value - NB this point applies to guests as well)

Red wine of French origin
" Australian "
" South African "
" South American "
" Californian "
" Any other region's "
White wine as above but in reversed order
Whisky of Scottish origin
" Canadian "
" Southern American "
" Intruiging "
Vodka of distillatory origin
Brandy of Brandalucian origin
Rum of Rumanian origin
Duty-free sherry of ferry origin
Duty-free port of port origin
Oregano of Oregon origin
Or Gin of ginuine origin

As ever with this kind of party, doors open around 7ish, things will go boom around 9.30ish, there will be a lull at 11ish as people leave to get last trains home, and a rush at 11.15ish as the pubs kick out. There is plenty of crash space, but few guaranteed beds. There is also a garden if anyone wants to bring a tent.

Originally this was also going to be a belated party for my birthday, but this seems to have fallen by the wayside. If anyone wants to commemorate my birth, bring a bigger firework. I'm sure a prize can be found for the most impressive bang of the night. [1]

If anyone needs any more details, or doesn't have my address for that matter, call me or send me an email at party@weaselspoon.com.

[1] (realises after the event what an awful innuendo this could be)
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Robert Wells or Mr Waters
User: weaselspoon
Date: 10.00 pm, Wednesday 26th October, 2005 (UTC)
Subject: Re: PS
Marshmallows most appreciated. Sticks for the roasting thereof also useful.
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
princess mark
User: fluffymark
Date: 11.19 pm, Wednesday 26th October, 2005 (UTC)
Subject: Re: PS
Insert chocolate into the marshmallow before roasting. Timed just right, the marshmallow goes crispy on the outside, and the chocolate remains hard on the inside, and you get this lovely squishy mess in-between.

Robert, could I have your address please? It's very plausible I could make it to the party. I like fireworks, and I have many many pointy sticks for marshmallow roasting.
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters: JAKAL
User: weaselspoon
Date: 11.56 am, Thursday 27th October, 2005 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
"Red wine of any other region's origin" seems perfectly fine to me.
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Robert Wells or Mr Waters: Eye
User: weaselspoon
Date: 10.33 am, Saturday 29th October, 2005 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Not at all, the more the merrier.
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