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Interesting Times - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 5.43 pm, Thursday 29th May, 2003
Subject: Interesting Times
Security: Public
Mood:Exasperated, but relieved
Music:Billie Holiday - These Foolish Things
My crazy weekend has just run into a crazy week.
Monday I spent in the Oxford Playhouse working on the annual comedy varsity match. This year, however, rather than Oxford Revue vs Cambridge Footlights we had Not the Oxford Revue with some Cambridge standups vs the Oxford Revue. The former won. By a mile. 50 walk outs during the Oxford Revue vs a mother and young child during the first use of the word fuck by the first standup.
Then I crawled into bed in London at 2.30 am, setting my alarm for 6.30.
At 8.45 I woke up, checked the clock, and went back to sleep. Watched the Godfather on Tuesday.
Wednesday for some reason I was really stressed. When I finally got out of college at 9.30 pm I felt physically sick. I crawled home turned my key in the lock of my flat and pushed to no avail. The Chubb lock, which I never have had a key for, had been locked. Gavin from the flat below me made me a cup of tea while I waited for the landlord to come. He didn't have a key so I slept in the empty room next door on a bare mattress. Made hot chocolate with the pint of milk and the king sized mars bar I had with me. Cried down the phone to Francesca. Woke at 8.30 with the builder letting me back into my room. Collapsed on the bed. Woke up at lunchtime and came in for the afternoon at college.

Now I'm off to the theatre. What can go wrong there?
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