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Happy St George's Day - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 5.27 pm, Saturday 23rd April, 2005
Subject: Happy St George's Day
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It's been a while.

Too much to tell, and no time to tell it, so a small time sensitive update. Went to see aliccat's fine production of Talking Heads last night. It's a really impressive show. Made me like Chip In The Sugar again, and that's no mean feat. If anyone fancies a slice of good theatre, check it out on tour.

As for me I'm off back to Liskeard on Monday to continue my Chekhoving. If anyone fancies the trek down and wants to see my comedy beard (incidentally, called Frank) in action, details are here. The show is Uncle Vanya and the dates are May 12th-14th.

And before I have to run away and, oh I don't know, find a cure for cancer, here's the recent music meme. No prizes for guessing the theme of the first few.

How this works:
1. Pick six songs that most people will know.
2. Select lyrics of up to but not surpassing 150 words from each one.
3. Go to http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr
4. Enter the lyrics thus: English to German, German to French, French to Portuguese, Portuguese to English
5. Post the resultant gobbledegook and see if people can figure out what the songs are.

Song Number One:
E had been these old feet in to the times after green the Gebirgs of England? E the lamb saint of the God on the pleasant grass of England was seen? E the support more still suspected of the Shine after our hills bewoelkten? E the Jerusalem was builded under this Satanic dark of the mills here? it takes my elbow of the escaldante gold: it takes my arrows of the desire: it takes my bar: The clouds extend! it takes my car of the fire. I do not stop of the fight spirit, nor vocês I must my sleep of blade in my hand, until we establish Jerusalem of England in the green and pleasant country.

Song Number Two:
English, the English, the English is better: Totality would not give to the remaining portion tuppence for! Part rottenest of these islands ours, we have in the hands of three hostile energies, reexamine the Irishan, abandoning of the Welshman, or it finds of the Scot, it is to it more to stinker or not. The English English is moral is understood well badly, and intelligently and to attribute e! E the entire world more to rueber, the same one of each nation, does not have it simply of notion to play of the game: They argue with arbitrators; exultent too much, when they had earned; E practises before the amusement ruins! English, the English, the English is better: If in superior part with the English and for low with the remaining portion! He is, that he is not ignoblement or of course badly... Is is to it samment furieux so FOREIGN that type it! For the English, all are that a nation would have to be, and the flower English of the Billbo and I myself is.

Song Number Three:
He is an English! It said to it exactly - -, and is great to its credit that is an English! ALL. A Roosian, a Frenchman or Turco or Proosian could to it have been, or perhaps Italian! But despite the assays competing to the other nations, he remains an English! He remains an English!

Song Number Four:
Coffee volume my expensive one that volume to the tea, wants to say the bread grilled on a side wants efectuado and can understand, in my accent, if me it speaks, an English in New York sees it is not, me going to the avenue has it it my side me takes here the pole of the Fifth who goes for low, is for all the part me me an English in New York goes, me an foreigner is, me an approved foreigner is, me a York English is in new, if, the "way" is then "maketh a man", as circa it said, ein Englaender in neu York sehen sind, ich gehend to hinunter gehenden Stock DES Fifth Avenue to hier an to meiner Seite ich sie nehme, ueberall ich ich bin ein Englaender in neu York gehe, ich ein Auslaender bin, ich ein to zugelassener Auslaender bin, ich ein Englaender in neu York bin, wenn, "Weise maketh Mann", wie jemand sagte, dann er to give to Held DES Tages ist es einen Mann nimmt, a Unwissenheit zu erleiden und Laecheln sich ist, egal was sie sagen, dass ich ein Auslaender bin ich ein to zugelassener Auslaender bin, j ' un Anglais dans to nouveau York la modestie suis, peux to terminer en haut comportement to the a night the candle that I eat the sun to take is more as the nut of more luminous fight, a man to more than take to form that license metal ring to collate your enemies, them évitentun nuechternheit sober, if has gone Mr. can, me to be however never an foreigner to run makes me an approved foreigner is, me a York English is in new.

Song Number Five (off theme):
It does not leave to wound, vocês me to entheiligen to leave you, me to penetrate itself to leave, vocês me to complicate them to laisser ' to help to help... my interior one helps me me - me to the soul part... it received in pousio, in redor of the aid me..the that me they do not vendem the thing, the works for me help to receive me distant from me desire you to the Arschloch, an animal wants only me believes would want that you desire to the Arschloch an animal you wanted, mine complete existence receives a interior that it me to naeeher above defective God either can you mine localization have if... They can have the hatred that takes you can my absence faith have... The all can mine all have to help, to mean itself reason me herunterzureissen help me, are to it your sex that I can feel aid me vocês, me aid to leave perfect, some evolution another one me desire you to the Arschloch who an animal wants, me to believe would want that you to the Arschloch desire to a interior me, an animal to want, my vocês complete existence receive me a God are to naeeher defective for each forest on the trees in my stomach that of my knees I drink distant I am rubbed, the honey... in yours pole of bee that it is the reason... me... continues you to be alive

Song Number Six (obscure):
I want the feeding, the good taste of alimentary products! I want the feeding, the good taste of alimentary products! The succulent Burger, Fischrogen greasy, Turkey also examines legs and the raw fish raparigas of youth, with Ketschup! my way or vóscomem- leaves me it that me feeding wants, the good taste of alimentary products! I want the feeding, the good taste of alimentary products! I can I will turn of alimentary return nmim of Essen feeding, the good taste of alimentary products! I want the feeding, the good taste of alimentary products!

Surpising how the simple song goes freakish, while the complicated stuff comes out relatively simply.
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
User: gnimmel
Date: 4.57 pm, Saturday 23rd April, 2005 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Hmmm let's see...
5. is, I believe, Nine Inch Nails' Closer. Except babelfish appear to be performing the part of Dr. Bowdler....
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