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So much for hitting the hot-tub... - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 2.42 am, Monday 31st January, 2005
Subject: So much for hitting the hot-tub...
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Still in London. Bum. So, time for the update.

Monday was a very pleasant Production Meeting near London bridge, complete with designers and real coke in bottles.

Tuesday I was stood up by James for Burns Night, so stayed in and read Burns in the style of Lord Buckley to Max. Did not drink whisky. Did not manage to catch haggis. Generally it was a lousy day, but then many lovely people made many patches of loveliness appear. Don't want to think of Tuesday really, though. Bad Day.

Dreamt that I was walking naked through the streets of London and came upon AJs house. I crashed a party going on and stole clothes enough to cover me. I stayed all night and in the morning I realised the house was half a burnt out theatre. Stole a box of things including The Crown from WOTR and stashed them in the back of the car, where I found more boxes filled with damp and smoky items. The feeling of loss of something precious.

Wednesday I went to see James and sat, or rather stood, for some drawings. He makes me look hunky. Most chuffed. Soup with a fried egg for lunch. Then to Nina's to help with the auditions for Vanya. Dinner with JBD, Nina and Penpen. Soup. Good Day.

Thursday into Mountview to abuse the facilities, check details and pester AJ, who keeps losing his keys. Acquired two days work as LD for in house productions and at least 8 days library cover while Anthony is workshopping his play, Waiting For Macca. Then to Aldgate to see the Producer's Run of Party Piece, for which I was the lighting designer. Experimental devised theatre about an eight year old girl's birthday party and the clowns that arrive to celebrate. Much party food. Much of it on the floor by the end. Dir. Lucy Foster, As.Dir. Kirsty A Lothian, With Lucy Foster, Dan Harkin, and Paul O'Mahoney as Brian. Returned home. Eventful and frightening night.

Friday I spent in the Chelsea Theatre. Everything else went out the window. Arrived late, with a huge bag of tools and equipment, not knowing what to expect.The theatre is a very well kept 110-seat benched, raked, end-on affair in the black box style. Approx 4-5m grid with 48 sockets wired to 48 dimmers. Stage entrances on the back wall USR and USL which go through to a backstage workshop area, with exit to dressing rooms (plural). Audience/alternative entrance DSR. Good lighting stock of various ages. ETC 24/48 desk (the same model I learnt on). Ask for Tassos, he's the guy who knows what the fuck is actually going on. Get in 10-3, where all the sound effects go wrong and we try to work out what has happened with the lighting. Turns out the 7pm show have been in and set their lights up already, so we can't move what's up. However, we can rig more and refocus, which I do. Single dress rehearsal, which I completely busk the lighting, attempting to program as I go, but quickly getting overwhelmed. When we come down, we quickly clear up and let the early show in. I leave quickly and dash home to record new SFX, make a new show disc and then copy that to MD for mixing purposes. Back to the theatre. Early show goes up late, comes down late and finish with a mountain of jam sandwiches on the stage. Then I discover they've not only taken down lights they'd hung that I was using, they've taken down lights I hung and wiped my subs from the board, which I left a note asking them not to do. Turns out no one even told the early LD there was a late show. So a massively stressful get in with me bodging lights wherever I could and KAL desperately getting to grips with the new showdiscs, which the actors are dying of flu and losing their voices. Tassos really good to us and tells us not to stress as it was all the early shows fault. Eventually we go "we're ready". "Happy Happy?" he calls. We reply in perfect synchronisity "Joy Joy". We go up 20 minutes late. Show goes down very well. Josh Neicho plays the prince in the AP section. I ride the entire show on one set of subs, a criminal misuse of the desk. But some of the gentle crossfades work fantastically if I do say so myself, and the final fade out over about 3 minutes works beautifully. Show comes down 10.30. I've missed the bar by the time I'm out. Josh says if we go to Paddington together he'll give me a lift home. Tubes break down. Have a bit of an adventure. Josh is still lovely. TFL still have a lot to answer for. It's at least 2, maybe 3, by the time I get through the door. Walk straight into bed.

Saturday I sat for JBD again, or rather lay. He wanted a relaxed figure so I curled up on his sofa and slept while he painted me. It didn't go well though and he scrubbed it out. Then he drew a portrait, which looked like me as I see me. It was scary. Then to Colnbrook for the Gods and Goddesses party at mirabehn and mostlyacat's place. I was very very late and so went as Godot. People more Compos Mentis than I have written things and shown pictures of that joyous night. I shall restrict myself to saying a splendid time was guaranteed for all and Thank-you. It was a joy to see all the lovely people there, especially the_alchemist who hugged me to within an inch of my life. I just wish I'd been there earlier and had time to actually talk to more people. As it was, the time flew by and it wasn't long before it looked like I wasn't going to make it home and borusa very kindly gave me a lift to Heathrow to catch the last tube. I owe that man a very large drink. However, I still missed it, so it was a night bus into town and another out the other side. Approximately 3 hours. Crawled straight into bed.

And today was the workshop of the second draft of Past Tense. Which was pretty bloody spiffy. Then home to pack for Coventry. Which I completely failed to do.

I'm now thinking of leaving here about 6am. What are the chances of that now?
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