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Down the Rabbit Hole - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.59 pm, Thursday 27th January, 2005
Subject: Down the Rabbit Hole
Security: Public
Slow day today. Just the big crane shot, y'know the one?

We see a face and as we pull back we realise it is inverted through a drop of water which becomes the tear on the cheek of a YOUNG MAN, 24, and we see the face is that of the body in his arms, another YOUNG MAN, 27, and we pan back further and further to reveal the field, a green carpet beneath them and we pull back through the rain and see there are no footprints to where they kneel, and we go wider and further, to the edges of the field, the empty road beyond, the village, the church with a george cross in the act of lowering and steadily we build up towns and cities, a lake to one side and concrete to the other until all the colours are meaningless and we see first counties then countries and oceans, odd landmarks flashing as we pull further out to see a planet gently spinning swiftly pulling round the sun and out and out stars rushing away until the earth vanishes into the glint in the eye of some collosal constellation. And for a moment it is like the universe winks.

"Cut!" says Big Al. That is, as they say, a wrap.
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