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Backdated from RLJ - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.59 pm, Tuesday 4th January, 2005
Subject: Backdated from RLJ
Security: Public
Breakfast at the Manhattan Diner with Tavis and Vikki. They were waiting for us at 10:45. Lovely waffles. N had Challah bread French toast which was "moist". Then to Fishs Eddy to buy glasses and a bag. Into town to meet Jamey on 57th st. Said hello then left N&J to gossip while I went in search of a hairdresser (via tower and Bloomingdales for strawberry yoghurt). Subway to Astor Place. Find Shakespeare and co. and Tower Video and even a cute record shop that stocked John Pizzarelli but no hairdressers. Meet N at 15:00 and she practically falls into the Astor Place Hairstylists. $13 cut and it's still floppy on top. Very cold on the back of my neck suddenly. And I have *ears*. Shakespeare & co, Big shop. Back to GCS to meet Marnie for tea. She is lovely. She had never heard the phrase "I went to watch a fight, and a hockey game broke out". Then to the Upper East Side for dinner with Dan & Margot. Very nice apartment and we were early (gosh!). Put on some Pizzarelli and discussed Martinis while eating wasabi covered peanuts. Lovely dinner followed by cheese & pressed fruit & oranges & the return of Ariel. Family feuding over her imminent trip to Cape Town while she has a cold. Try a tomolive and get bar recommendations. Leave 10ish. Nina didn't feel so good, so we skipped the Martinis and took the cross town bus home through the park. To bed for our only restless night.
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