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Backdated from RLJ - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.59 pm, Sunday 2nd January, 2005
Subject: Backdated from RLJ
Security: Public
Rose late. Bagels for breakfast. I could only eat half. Meander to the Empire state, 2hr+ queue, so I left it and went to a comic shop (with some porn) and a video shop (with a lot of porn). Walked down Broadway to the Flatiron building. Then to Paper Jam (6th & 18th) via Academy Music. Bought stuff in Academy Music (CDs & DVD). Nina got funky envelopes for Penny. Then to Grammercy Park which was, disappointingly, residents only. Then down to Union Sq where we jumped on the Subway and rattled down to Bowling Green for the Staten Island Ferry. Nearly missed boarding as I was in the can. Pleasant trip there. We gave up on the deck very quickly. Off at the other end, once round the building and back on the same boat. Got a better look at Libby on the way back. She's not bad, for a frog. When I gave up trying to photograph the skyline, N & I waited patiently by the exit. A friendly faced man in a navy uniform. Came and chatted to us about new years. He'd done Times Square for (at least) 16 years straight. Great image of him playing uno with two strangers and a flask of wine. Docking. Walk out to the West and through Battery Park. Strange feeling of Deja Vu from Deus Ex. Many Memorials. Many imitation LV bags. Round to the bottom of Broadway where there is Customs House, a great christmas tree and a funky brass bull. Stopped at borders. Up Broadway to Canal St. Attempt and fail to find cinema so jump on subway and go to a cinema on Broadway (&84th). At 8pm, buy tickets for the 10pm showing of Ocean's 12. Have elaborate 2hr dinner in french roast. I have the lamb shank with mashed potatoes in red wine sauce. Nina has the porcini encrusted cod. 2 glasses of red wine. Warm chocolate cake (w raspberry coulis and ice-cream) for N and cheesecake for me. Then to the cinema where I discover silly prizes left in a machine. Into the film which was good but overly complicated and didn't necessarily make sense. Home. Give phones & chargers to man at the desk. Sleep.
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