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Backdated from RLJ - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.59 pm, Friday 31st December, 2004
Subject: Backdated from RLJ
Security: Public
Sluggish waking. To the Main Course for beakfast. Closed. Cold Spring Cafe for breakfast. Pancakes at 11:30 from an enormous woman. Enormous pancakes (blueberry and banana walnut). Wander to the river. Everyone noting the bandstand. Walk to the ex-night spot. Skimming stones. Back to house. Pack up. Call Emily, who had the 'flu'. Down to the station about 4. Get in to 125th st in the dark. Walk through harlem with all our bags across the top of the park. Down west side. Along W94th to 314. Found "hotel" at 315. Room 530, mount royal shared bath no elevator. Room has bed, table, towels, soap, TP. Open the window and the room is flooded with loud salsa. Clean. Change. Subway to Downtown Rector St. (I got it wrong). Cab to S st seaport. Red. Mexican Restaurant. Chicken Enchiladas, many corona, LIIT. Silly games. 15-1 names. MArtini analogy viral meme. Downstairs for fizz at midnight. Happy New Year! Walk to bar, closing. Club, $25. N & I get in subway. Home & Sleep.
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