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Backdated from RLJ - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.59 pm, Thursday 30th December, 2004
Subject: Backdated from RLJ
Security: Public
Woke late. Eventually to the Foundry for breakfast (11:30). Scrambled eggs, home fries and bottomless coffee (what no pancakes!). Wandered up the Main St, stopping in lots of antiques shops. Bought three CDs in total and one book. USPS for my mum's card. Supermarket. Home to 33 Church St. I watched Ian McKellen in Richard III. N didn;t like the killin's so she slept. Greg picked us up in his jeep around 17:45 and took us to a new friends house where we heard a string trio playing Mozart quartets (grr to the absent cellist). G "I like this guy. He can open wine and he knows music jokes." Stayed for one glass and three movements, then to Brothers Italian Restaurant in Beacon. Greg took us on the 10c tour in his car. parked on the main st. Passed some friends breaking into their car. Restaurant. G- Chicken Marsala, N- ravioli, R- seafood special. Discussion of martinis: "Martinis are like women's breasts: one is too few, three is too many". Greg paid. Back to his place to retrieve guitar. He has Vespas and broken amps aplenty. Listen to his sesh and some R Crumb. Drive home. Reindeer like my dad's. Back, bitten by cat, bed, satisfied sleep.
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