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Backdated from RLJ - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.59 pm, Tuesday 28th December, 2004
Subject: Backdated from RLJ
Security: Public
Wake early (7:30) but laze around the house. Tea in enormous bath robes. Meander down CS Main St and pick up muffin & hot chocolate on the way to the station. 10:58 train to GCS. Finally response from Kev's phone. Walk to Central Park to meet Kev &c for ice skating @ Wollman rink. Happy Birthday Kev. Walk south to Luciano's for veal panini and coffee. Kev's b'day cake (brownie with a stirrer). Stories for Paula's roasting. K & W depart for rehearsal. Rest of party on to Bloomingdales. Shopped. Did not buy Nice suit jacket (by G&H, London). Discover Tavis inspects termites for <$100,000/yr. Remeet party at doorway, 17:30. Dithering until 17:50. N & I struck out for the Lincoln centre on our own, via Gap, Banana Republic, H&M, FAO Schwartz (giant piano disapointing). Consider seeing The Rivals (but not at $85/ticket!). Hike down Broadway. Barnes & Noble. Cosmic Cafe for dinner (ugh). Buffalo burger & miller. Down Broadway, left before Times Square, Into CGS. Dash for tickets and onto Track 34 for the 22:02. Sit within sniffing distance of OOO loo. Nina slept. Home. In bed by 00:00.
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