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I am Jack's sense of futility - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 4.49 pm, Tuesday 29th June, 2004
Subject: I am Jack's sense of futility
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Music:The sound of one hand clapping
Thursday had dinner at the Criterion. Was a bit shit, but probably only because I expected it to be.

Friday I went to Guildford to watch a man be born, raised, nailed to a bit of wood. This took about six hours. It was very good, apart from some of the acting, and the nativity. Promenade, country estate, 3000 people. I got a bit sunburnt. Barbeque with Jesus B Dunsmore afterwards and some of the team. James related the heckler of the day who sat very close and quietly spoke single random words. For example:

"Our father, who is in"
"heaven, hallowed be your"

You get the picture.

I got a bit drunk. Again.

Saturday, lunch with Nina and Tui followed by desperate shopping for travel essentials for Nina. Back to her place. Helped her pack. Up at 5 to get to Victoria for 7am on a Sunday.

Then to Liverpool Street and eventually Brick Lane for a last minute desperate audition for Jekyll and Hyde. Still don't think I got it, but they were lovely and the show looks great.

Saw Lily, walk through the park to her place to see the mice. They are very cute, although they shit everywhere. Walked home. Very tired. Discovered my crazy french books, which, for an obvious reason, I can't read. I'm going to attempt to translate at least some of them by myself though because I'm a freak.

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User: billbo
Date: 4.19 am, Saturday 3rd July, 2004 (UTC)
Subject: Guilford epic
Thats's the show my boss runs. I used to think he didn't get paid enough to deal with a 6 hour show with cammels. Then I found out how much he does get paid. I changed my mind.
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