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Packed last Thursday to come back to London. We had a car load of… - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 12.31 pm, Thursday 24th June, 2004
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Music:John Coltrane - Blue Train
Packed last Thursday to come back to London. We had a car load of stuff that needed to come down eventually and my father gracefully offered to run me down after work, while the england game was on. Also, I had managed to secure what would become a new telly (actually a 27" monitor) from a friend in Oxford. I was insistent that we should go to London and drop off my stuff first because the telly, its stand and three people would not all fit in one pickup. so we did. Ran about 2 hours behind schedule, but I got all my stuff down to London and my dad got a new monitor and all was pretty damn spiffy.

Friday was the Black Rider at the Barbican. Direction, set and lighting by Robert Wilson. Book by William S Burroughs. Music and lyrics by Tom Waits. Well, I would love to see this without the direction, set and lighting so I could tell if I liked the script. As it was, the only consistently good thing was the band, who were brilliant. The sets were ugly and overcomplicated, the acting and singing were amateur and the physical set pieces were dull and tedious. There was a great monologue, which turned out to be about Hemingway, and there was one fantastic emotional performance, that I shall forever call the stripping song. It should have been a one act running to an hour at most. Instead it was two and a half hours of pretentious bollocks.

I didn't actually hate it that much, but the more I think about it the worse it gets in my mind.

Saturday I helped Paul Harris with a dance exam in Mountview and he was very pleased to see me. Dinner at Nina's. Party on Upper St. On the way to the party I had a call from the lovely Petrina asking if I would put her lovely brother Steve up for the night, to which I said yes. I gave him directions to my place and told him to call me when he got there as I was going to a party. He was riding the London to Brighton cycle ride on Sunday morning and so rode his bike from the city to Willesden Green. He called me when I was more than a little drunk at the party and handed the phone to the housemate at the door. "This is Steve, he is a friend of mine, make sure he is OK". Left the party to get my last train and rapidly realised I was an hour late for it. Returned to party via an insane quartet (3 cellists and a trumpeter) and had another little drinkie before taxi home. Oscar and I showed off in front of Steve.

Overslept on Sunday and went to help Nina's sister, Tui, setup for a 50/50 adult/kid birthday party. By the time I got there, all there was to do was mix some drinks, which I did to the best of my abilities and to a surprising amount of praise. Got drunk amid strangers and screaming kids. When the football started and the kids calmed down, Nina and I made a quiet getaway.

Monday at ALRA for another dance exam, which was on the whole a pleasant experience. Odd being visiting staff. Drink with the lovely Gareth. Into town to see the Greek at the National. On the slow walk from green park, I wondered who I would cast in 2GofS and the name Blanche McIntyre wafted from the depths of my memory. When I arrived at the national, to its new astroturf courtyard, there she was. Wearing glasses and a pink macintosh, but unmistakably Blanche. Drink with Joe, Blanche and her father then show, which was fantastic. I find it hard to say what I liked so much but I walked out and the world was a good place. I even bought Joe a drink from the national bar. It was that good. Ran into Susan "Lady B" Hitch in the bar, who is now a presenter on R3. Home.

Tuesday I started back on the old routine of doing useful jobs to distract from doing important jobs. Cooked Thai for Nina. Restless.

Last night I went to see Guantanamo at the New Ambassadors, which is very good. Despite being nothing more than a series of interspersed monologues delivered directly to the audience, it held the attention easily for the whole two hours. Dinner with Joe and home.

Today I have too many important things to do, followed by, hopefully, dinner at L'Escargot.
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User: riahopkinson
Date: 6.12 am, Thursday 24th June, 2004 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Omigod I can't move to London. I'm tired just reading about all that, never mind doing it all!!! xxx
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