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Nearly there - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.59 pm, Tuesday 8th June, 2004
Subject: Nearly there
Security: Public
Music:Bronx Tale
Off train at Coventry and walked to boots to meet my mum, who was failing to buy a photo album for my grandparents, until I took her to the craft shop down the road. KFC. Home. Today I have: cleaned and unblocked my shower, set up a shiny new PC, designed a card for my grandparents, refurbished a gift box for their present, reassured my mum, realised how difficult it is to keep up with even a short friends list like mine.

Congraulations jessica_phoenix! Doubt you'd have wanted me there, but I am sending you telepathic champagne drenchings. Sorry dragophelion and androktone and anyone else at Disturbance tonight. And apologies to Mr. Ashby. So many reasons why I shouldn't have left Oxford quite so quickly.

On other things I notice, looking at other journals, I do like the meme "If there is someone on your friends list you would love to have an epic, sweaty, damn near legendary, 12 hour fuckathon with, post this same exact sentence in your journal." So simple, so anonymous, so sure to start rows. I know there's someone who reads this that that is true about.

I was typing this sitting opposite my mum who was using the quiet, cool hours to catch up with office work. My aunt Kathy came round because she had seen the lights on and Claire was next door and did we want to come round and say hello, so I did. My 83-year-old, slightly inebriated grandfather was telling his life story, and there were stories I hadn't heard in amongst the things I had heard a thousand times before that he forgets he's told me. I settled in with a small beetroot wine and heard about when he quit his job because his best friend said there were no prospects and my Nan said "And we had two children and I thought what the hell will we do?" to which he replied "No. no. we... yes. Anyway-"

And he told an elongated version of the "I had to marry her, it was the only way to get a dance" story, luxuriating over the list of men who wanted to dance with her because she was the best dancer in the room. Which she demonstrated, while humbly denying everything. She used to keep her bicycle in the gents cloakroom and so she was always the last to leave as she had to wait for them all to clear out.

He told the tale of his demob and taking the boat from the middle east to portsmouth, then having to go to York and then back to Coventry. Somehow my Nan worked out what train he'd be on and her father took her to the station on the tandem and then drove it back alone so they could do romantic type runnign into arms in slow motion type stuff. My mother was born nine months and a week later. Nan said "Don't be dirty. How many have you had?" and he said "I'm insulted" so she said "I'll make it up to you" and he said "Oh Goody" and his eyebrows wriggled in the half light in a way I've never seen them wriggle before.

And he told the tale of my mother being born and Dr MacNamara, I think he said, leaning against the piano saying "Why can I deliver girls for everyone else and I've got three boys?". Then they had to push the piano down the road for the celebrations.

He told the tale of my uncle Doug always being the last one to buy a round, so he deliberately stopped to tie his shoelaces on the doorstep to force Doug to go in first. When he looked up, Doug was politely holing the door open, waiting for my poor grandad to hurry up. And they could remember the names of the landlord and lady, who had been friends of my great-grandmother.

He didn't want us to leave. Said we'd made his day. Kept offering us drinks.

When I'd kissed them all goodbye and come back, my mum was heading for bed. So this is me giving up and signing off. I've got to get some sleep before facing the dentist in the morning.
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
User: weaselspoon
Date: 4.39 pm, Monday 14th June, 2004 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
If I'd have thought more about it I'd have stayed. I had already wasted a day waiting for Kirsty to return though. I'll make a point of being at the next one.
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