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More attempts to catch up. - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.53 pm, Tuesday 8th June, 2004
Subject: More attempts to catch up.
Security: Public
Music:Bridget Jones Diary
Saturday night, after having a tour of Dave's new theatre and buying in the pizza, I lazed watching cartoons and tried not to think of the forthcoming audition. Dave returned late and I couldn't sleep. Woke comically early on Sunday and went with Dave to Headington to find Tingewick hall in the John Radcliffe hospital. Took me half an hour from entering the grounds to finding the room, so I got there with half an hour to spare as they recommended. Great to see a sleep-deprived Esther. Terrifying wait. Remember why I haven't done a musical in 7 years. Audition was brief, consisting of scales and exercises that I was awful at, about 16 bars of my song, and a very brief bit of dialogue. Doubt I've got it. Hung about too long afterwards. Had a call from Esther just after I'd left and she said the vocal tests were evil.

Wandered into town, expecting to have to waste the day until Dave got out from work, but then ran into Belle, who seemed in particularly good spirits. She sent her man, David, off to get some shopping in while we went to Odd Bins and bought a bottle of fizz to down beneath a tree where once I played Estragon. She is about to work for the company of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. I've found the names of my henchmen. Left Belle when an angry sounding David called asking where she had got to. Then the wonderful Faye called to say she was taking a break and we went for a drink in Madders, which was lovely. She liked her much belated present, I think. Also ran into Guy of Playhouse and a TAFF Exec meeting complete with the lovely Kathleen Mountjoy and the bearded Michael Ramsden. Faye's Arthur came and drank the coke to balance my three (?) pints of Cox's cider. Seems lovely but we exchanged all of a dozen words. I walked back to Cowley to meet Dave for some chicken, where we ran in to Kathleen again. Then, walking past the Corridor saw Joe-whowasdeath who had been the pianist for a chunk of the days audtions. He asked if they'd made me do the whole tone scale, which I think was what they put me through, and he said he hadn't heard anyone get it right all day. Back to St Mary's Road to watch Bruce Almighty. Eventually sleep.

Woke five minutes before Dave was leaving for work and threw on some clothes. I won't say I wasted the day but I did make it round every second hand bookshop in Oxford and most of the first hand ones as well. I had the exhausting lazy day I needed. I didn't meet anyone I knew, but I did find an Italian delicatessen that sold Pocket Coffees. New word: Scientistic. Dave got back about 6 and we had Steak Pie and roast potatoes. Then Kirsty called to say she was back in OX and would we like supper. Doh. So we took her ice-cream instead from G&Ds North. Stayed there too late. Taxi back to Dave's. Packed. Slept little and woke early.

I was expecting Dave to boot me at 8:30 this morning, but he crawled out about 9:15, and called in that he was taking the morning off, to which his boss replied "Me too". More cartoons. Steak sandwiches for breakfast. Walked Dave to his bus stop so that he could "Get to work in time for lunch". Bus to the station. straight onto a train. Amusing sight of someone effectively fare-dodging getting locked into the toilets and the train manager having to reset the system. Have been reading Ruth's book and now I really want to cook a salmon.
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