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One more daunting update - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 12.35 am, Monday 7th June, 2004
Subject: One more daunting update
Security: Public
Another week in the life.

Sunday and Monday everything I touched turned to shit. I even had my first ever computer explosion incident. It had a bang and smoke and everything. The frustration got my shooting average up. Monday night I was meant to watch Rattle of a Simple Man with Joe. However, they were closed for the bank holiday so we went for dinner in Garlic and Shots. The steak is very good. Stressed on Tuesday because I did far too little.

On Wednesday I went into London to meet Jes. Once I eventually found her, the party consisted of Jes, baby Georgia, Laurence and Sarah. Went to Cybercandy. Again. Went to the Aquarium, and Sarah almost caught a fish with her hair. Laugh? I nearly puked. Then we nipped in to see the Saatchi Gallery, or what's left of it. Found an artist I really like, but can't remember his name. Rushed to the Almeida to see Whispering Psyche, I think it was called. I was late and had to sit in the circle. Good view though. It was a twin-monologue piece, which I've never really seen the point of.

Thursday, I desperately tried to get jobs done and had a hell of a singing lesson with Max. Friday in the library, followed by a crazy dash to cybercandy for Aisa's present and then delivering a lost Frnech masterpiece to Ruth. Home for more singing and some fear. Saturday I packed and came to OX, which is where I'll leave it for tonight.

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting installment.
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