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Pickin' off the flies with my .22 - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 5.12 pm, Saturday 29th May, 2004
Subject: Pickin' off the flies with my .22
Security: Public
Music:La Vie En Rose
On Friday I mostly were packing my bags and returning to Coventry, although this didn't stop me popping to the Reform Club, who did not have my book, and Cybercandy, who had lovely sweeties which I had to buy.

An uneventful train journey followed by an uneventful curry followed by reading the_alchemist's LJ and stabbing myself in the head for forgetting the End Of Story competition for the BBC. The next four hours consisted of me reading the beginnings in the hot tub and then writing my 1200 words. Then reading Catriona's story and realising how shit I am.

Today has mostly consisted of realising that, due to the bank holiday, it won't get there in time. To lessen the grief of knowing that my lack of sleep was pointless, Me and my mum have been shopping and bought espresso cups, wooden boxes, meat (various forms), Strawberries, and a pestle and mortar. And Real Ale Chutney (Dramatic Chords and Shrubbery).

Home now. Very tired. My mum has gone to visit my aunt in hospital. I've sat and aligned the scope on my dad's air rifle and now I'm just waiting to put the lamb in the oven so that I can go to sleep for a bit.

There are many people I wanted to meet up with this weekend. Sorry if I fail. I'm scum. I'm around all day tomorrow. Call me.
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Apathys Last Kiss
User: turpentinekissx
Date: 10.31 am, Saturday 29th May, 2004 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Are you around on Sunday night or Monday?
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