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Enter Ramble, on fire. - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.06 pm, Wednesday 26th May, 2004
Subject: Enter Ramble, on fire.
Security: Public
A very decadent Sunday included:
The Monaco Grand Prix accompanied by hot dogs
Many hours lazing accompanied by a bottle of Blanquette and a box of chocolates
A walk on the Broadway accompanied by Spaghetti with cuttlefish in its own ink (I went too far)

Monday involved reading several scripts before breakfast, several after. Then pootling to Belgos for dinner (the lobsterfest has begun). Went to see Bad Education which was very good, even though it fell away somewhat near the end. Returned to Willesden Green to see Oscar for the first time since drunken poker. He gave me a script to read by morning.

I had many grand plans for Tuesday, most of which went out of the window when I got a text from Lily asking if I was coming to Ruth's launch party tonight? I had completely forgotten and suddenly I went into overdrive to get myself ready, despite having plenty of time and there being no reason for me to be stressed.

I wore the royal blue linen suit with a plain white shirt and steel tie. The invitation said 6.30 - 8.30 and I arrived at the reform club at 6.40, my heart pounding. I had such a horrible feeling of foreboding that I was going to end up skulking. Ruth was the first person I saw, thankfully. Lily and Tom seemed in good form. Quickly said hello to Stephen, who I thought would be the only other person I knew but then had the odd thing that I was introduced to people. Repeatedly. And it was a small enough gathering that they couldn't get away. Jinty told me of the history of the place and then introduced me to Howard. I studied Howard Brenton in college. He's lovely. He is currently, amongst other things, writing Spooks.

Speeches came and went. Nibbles came and went. Bought the book, The People's Chef. Lost the book. Went back to the Steadman residence to eat pizza with Ruth and Phil, Lily and Tom, Howard and Jane, Bill and Sheila and someone else whose name completely escapes me. I overstayed my welcome but only because I was quite pissed by then. Returned home. Ranted. Slept fitfully.

Today I have mostly done nothing.
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