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It's been more than a week and that makes this intimidating. Last… - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.31 am, Sunday 23rd May, 2004
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It's been more than a week and that makes this intimidating.

Last weekend was busy what with Nina jetting off to Cannes (as many have now said, bitch) and watching rehearsals of the Wooden Pear. I am a lousy photographer. There was an odd party at Nina's on the Sunday night I believe as Rose and Miranda (and Nina and I) watched top gun and during it Kevin and Tui turned up. Monday I saw Coyote on a Fence which was very good. Joe had comps and after a very good show we went out to find a pint. Ended up sitting on Seven Dials. While there met three people I knew including the lovely Lucia who promised to come to WP, and didn't.

As we walked past Magma, I think it's called, someone had put an entire roll of masking tape on the pavement and drawn on it. It had messages of love and, as it crossed the gutter, a Wilde quote, and scones and cheese and how to draw a crowd, with diagrams. Really made the night.

Tuesday I didn't wake up.

Wednesday I dragged Max out to help me at the theatre. There wasn't a lot to do. There wasn't a lot we could do. As far as I'm concerned it all went well and the cast gave me a lovely card at the end of it and a bottle of vodka and I was very touched.

Friday I cleaned the kitchen and the living room and then drank a four pack of Stella and played Hogs of War.

Saturday I went shopping. Oh Dear.

And that takes us to the present.
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