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Too Busy To Post or More Interesting Times - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 6.24 pm, Monday 10th May, 2004
Subject: Too Busy To Post or More Interesting Times
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Music:A car alarm going off outside. Bastard.
Thursday I did nothing. I woke late, ate lots of junk food so that I would have horrible skin and I generally panicked about the coming excitement. I played a lot of GTA-VC. Finally got up and dressed for six to head to Shepherds Bush to meet Nina and see a Slovenian band by the name of Terra-Folk. It was one of those odd situations where I knew what I was watching was good, but it didn't grab me at all. Nina and Mabel had seen them playing in a bar in Edinburgh and I think that's where they were suited to. They were too far removed from their captive audience and they didn't play like they meant it. However, the underused accordian player looked like he was loving every minute and the bass player was giving it something that looked like his all. I'd like to see them again some time, preferably when I don't have to run off so quickly because I have to be up at 5.30am.

I woke on Friday to the strains of the Fantasia of British Anthems (I think it's called) because R4 was still broadcasting World Service. Washed, shaved, dressed in a preppy manner. Made sure I took brillcream and some good books. Willesden Green to Finchley Road to Kings Cross to Finsbury Park to Grange Park. On the last stint passed through Alexandra Palace and kicked myself for not stopping the night with Nina.

Arrived 7.50 for an 8.00 call. I was the first actor to arrive, but only by seconds as two girls were on the train with me. Found the green room and drank hot chocolate and chatted. One of the girls is doing an acting MA at the moment, and was lovely. The other had the strangest eating disorder I've ever heard of (she couldn't tell when she was full up, and had, in the past, eaten herself to hospital, like a goldfish), and was lovely.

Sat doing nothing. Read a book. Drank more hot chocolate. Read a paper. Drank some juice. Ate danish pastries and muffins. Sunbathed. Had lunch. Had a bit of a kip. Watched the filming going on downstairs first through a tiny window and then on a sony trinitron monitor very much like Mr. Billen's. Eventually I heard the song that we were making the video for, and a little later met the singer/star and her boyfriend, who was also in the film.

[Paragraph cut for legal reasons]

After eight hours I had wardrobe, hair and make-up. Smart blue suit. "thank god you're wearing a white shirt, we've run out". Hair in as much of a quiff as he could. I liked it, everyone else thought it looked comical. Light smattering of powder, which I love the smell of.

After twelve hours I made it down to the set. And the first thing they get me to do? "Walk through that door, double take that your girlfriend isn't there, spot the shoes on the floor somewhere down there and walk right around the desk to look out of the window. Shall we go for a take?". I was shit. By the time we got to my next shot ("Chat up your girl on the phone, finish aranging to meet her and then leave") I just about knew what I was doing. My girl, BTW was FallOutWindowGirl so I was therefore known as FallOutWindowBoy. I did some typing. Stared at a tall girl in a short skirt, stared at Ebony in the same skirt which didn't seem half so short. Then all the other actors left and got on their last trains while I had to wait to wander along a corridor. Then there was many a frayed nerve as the time of WeHaveToBeOutOfHereByNow approached with three setups still to shoot. The model shot against green took an age.* Then they skipped Ebony's final shot and just did me against the window and the green. Slate 80. And then we were done. Almost.

I helped with the get out and Cat and Rob gave me a lift at the end of it all. I finally found my head on a pillow at nearly 4am. 22 hours on my feet, and I know that most people there were working for the twelve hours that I was lazing.

Unsurprisingly, I woke later than intended on Saturday. Wandered into town and spent my fee in one transaction on a set of the complete works of David Garrick. Pootled to Southwark to meet Emma. Saw the theatre I'm lighting in. The resident technician Steve looks like, you know, him off the Royle Family. He says "If you want music, there are two CD players in the box or you can bring your own MD or if you have vinyl there's a gramaphone in the corner". And he wasn't lying. And it worked. He played us a little foxtrot and then we ran off. I had intended to join Emma in going to see a rehearsed reading of Jeremy's for the Caird company, but the bags in my hands and the bags under my eyes told me to go home.

When I got back, the house was preparing itself for the onslaught of a poker game. Tom wore Black Tie and flip flops. I dressed in the latest bond villain style (DJ, doctors top, gold boots, gun, cat). Oscar, in attempting to cut us, dressed in dungarees and roller blades. I dealt and the table consisted of (clockwise from dealer's left) Anna, Tom, Oscar and Max. Anna had never played before. And didn't know the rules. Slow game. Drank Sloe Gin and Port. I got irritated and ended up walking out on a drunken Oscar and a winning Anna at 3am. Then had to remove his boots and carry him upstairs to cries of "Why do you hate me?". He was rather drunk.

Caught one lap of the grand prix before heading for a light sunday lunch at Nina's. Met her stepmother, Penny, who took photos of us. Then had dinner with her sister. I really need to ask how you spell her name. Think they both probably hated me, but that's what you always think of these events. Penny very kindly ran me back to my place because I hadn't prepared for work today, so I spent two hours burning discs with the MP3s I need to edit at work this week while I watched the Sherlock Holmes film on BBC1. Couldn't sleep, despite rather than because of the alcohol in my system.

Woke at 7. Showered, dressed and took the long tube journey in to work this morning. Have felt shitty all day. Had an odd afternoon because I'm not used to the library staying open and having extra staff, and I didn't edit anywhere near as much of the accent files as I expected. Annie gave me special bread and butter pudding at lunch that wasn't on the menu.

Tonight I should just go home, eat and sleep. But I know I'll stay on late here and then end up watching Battle Royale to the end, despite the fact that I'm taping it.

*I think models and chroma key are to film what video projection is to theatre. If it works it can be stunning and absolutely make the piece, if it doesn't it is gratuituous. If you have a good enough team and you've done it before it can take no time at all, but even then you still need to add hours on to setup time because something, anything, might not be quite right and it would be worthless if you didn't fix it.
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
User: weaselspoon
Date: 8.14 am, Tuesday 11th May, 2004 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
That's why they wanted that shot. Of course.
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