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I've still got a headache from Sunday. I had all these wonderful… - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 12.50 am, Tuesday 4th May, 2004
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I've still got a headache from Sunday. I had all these wonderful plans and I gave them all up to play computer games with Mike, which was great. I've finally played Halo and XIII. Crawled home, cooked and slept, all the while holding my head. Forced myself to sleep in late, hoping that would make the pain subside. It didn't. Ibuprofen, however, did.

A text from Lily reminded me the Monroe Transfer were playing their first London gig. So I went, as did Lily. Many people assumed we were back together. Some assumed we had never split up. Odd. Couldn't help remembering what happened the last time I saw them.

They were technically good, but somehow uninspiring. They gave me their hopes and fears and they covered their bases, but I wanted to see their dreams. I wanted to be given fantasies. Sounds poncy, but for once I mean it.

Home. Stir fry to soak up the alcohol. Sleep now. Sensible things in the morning.
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User: anotherwish
Date: 8.27 pm, Monday 3rd May, 2004 (UTC)
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you dont spell that badly. At least you can construct sentences.
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