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Sunday Morning at the Centre of the World - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 1.51 am, Sunday 2nd May, 2004
Subject: Sunday Morning at the Centre of the World
Security: Public
Music:René Thomas - A Night In Tunisia
That's a lot of films I've seen.

Elephant 12.45 Colombine II. Fictional school has kids in black blow it up. Some beautiful stuff in there. Great sound work. Some lovely time jumps with scenes shot from each characters perspective. However, some of the acting was lousy and the ending is just wrong. Nice touch is that the bombers play Mozart while planning rather than Marilyn Manson.

Big Fish 14.30 Again. Made me cry. Again. Forest Gump meets Princess Bride. See Jan 31st.

Fear X 16.55 Fell asleep. Dreadful. Has its own shelf in the library of Cockwank. Nothing happens very slowly. If I try to dissect it I can't work out what is so wrong with it, but suffice to say it's shite.

The Dreamers 18.45 French art house with an American twist. I liked it. Joe told me that it's so far from good it's unbelievable. Apart from the slight smugness of the lead, I can find little to fault this. A menage a trois in Paris against the background of the '68 student riots. So many references and recreations of classic films that I now must watch. And some really good music. And if you don't like that then there were gorgeous people being naked. What more can you want?

Kill Bill I 21.00 Overly long with too little plot and cartoon like fight sequences, IMHO. Although I'll admit I enjoyed it a lot and I'll happily sit through it again when we go to do the double.

Home. Tired and weary and there are no sheets on my bed and I want to curl up in bed and never wake up. Is that pathetic?
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