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SE7EN - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 5.10 pm, Friday 30th April, 2004
Subject: SE7EN
Security: Public
Music:murmurs under headphones
I worked here all day Friday being shouted at by various students because they were rushing to get their log books in by Monday. They had had a month and still four were typing at 5pm when I booted them out. Went to Nina's and picked up the curtain. I had discovered a conveniently sized suitcase on the way. Just happily contained one large red curtain. If I'd have thought about it I should have immediately ran home then got on the first train to Coventry. I didn't. Happily dawdled and got back late.

Woke late but not as late as I'd intended. I was going to attempt to walk into town, find some antiques shops that Lily had mentioned, and generally pootle until meeting Emma. Instead I got a text from the lovely Petrina who I hadn't seen in far to long. Finished watching the San Marino qualifying session then dashed to meet her and wasted the afternoon wondering around Regent's Park. Then met Nina and scooted to the Porterhouse in Covent Garden. The plan had been to go to a salsa club, then I was going to stay for a pint and try to get back to Coventry. Instead we found a table and Emma, Becky, Susannah, Gareth, Jeremy, Nina and myself (did I miss anybody) drank slowly until kick out. I found out that the trains weren't running and wouldn't be running on Sunday and bought too much food to cheer myself up. Home before midnight.

Woke early. My dad collected me early and we pelted it up the motorway like you wouldn't believe. Home. Drank tea. Washed and prepared big red curtain. Watched the San Marino Grand Prix over a big fry up. Was boring but better than the rest of the season so far. Felt ill in the afternoon so sat on the sofa watching bicentennial man with a cold compress. I liked it, personally, but the fever broke halfway through and I was left shivering by the end. Chinese for dinner. Then three hours in the hot tub and I finished the excellent King Solomon's Carpet.

Spent the morning cooking dinner. Logical, see? Went into Coventry and wondered around the recent redevelopments. The timezone clock is shit. It doesn't work for the same reason that the bull yard statue (AKA the concrete christmas tree) doesn't work and they didn't learn. (Later was told it costs them £10000 to cover it up each time they have live music in that courtyard) Lady Herbert's Garden is beautiful and a lot more open. I don't like what they're doing to F-Block and the frontage of the cathedrals. I found it odd which shops had remained and which had closed, notably a cheap pine furniture shop that should have lasted a week was still there. Bought Magic cards from forbidden planet. Hiked up to see Jess and her firstborn, Georgia. Cutest thing I've ever seen. Got a lift back from her and Lawrence, promising to meet up when they come down to london. My beef stew with my mother's roast potatoes for dinner. Lovely. Sewed curtains up after that and packed for the return journey.

Woke 6.30. Threw clothes on and was ready to rumble long before 7. Sat and waited for Paul to arrive until 8.30. Drive to London wasn't too bad. I thought I was working but I was just hitching a lift down, which was nice. Spent most of the day recovering. Crawled to the Pleasance in the evening, cowering under my tiny umbrella, to see Bill Bailey who was on top form. I want a theremin. Bus back to Nina's and hanging up of clothes on radiators.

Nina woke me and I pootled into town slowly while she rushed to work. Went shopping. ++ungood. Bought a teapot and cheese and bread, which was good, and £30 worth of stuff from Virgin and some more books, which was stupid but fun. Home, bit of a nap, then Nina brought me dinner, which was lovely. We completely failed to do any of the things we were going to do.

Got some real use from my teapot. Four burly workmen (I'm including myself in that) having tea before driving in to the Empire, Leicester Square. Spent most part of four hours removing grout and floor adhesive from tiles so they could be reattached to the wall. Got a free Kill Bill 2 poster. If I had seen KB1 I'd have snook (snuck? sneaked?) in to see it. Returned home to be confronted by a stack of sarcastic comments on the state of the kitchen. Rather than adding my own to them, I cleaned up. Then I did the living room. Burger and chips for dinner with stunningly good goats cheese. Seems a waste but sod it. Watched a history of sex which was frustrating to say the least. Crashed out without doing lots of the things I should have done.

Woke early. Think I missed the recycling men. Delayed in tube getting to work but at least there wasn't a queue at the door when I got here. Just about everything has gone wrong today. The computers, printers, copier (although that was down because it was being serviced. I'll be glad when 6 ticks around and I can bugger off.

In case anyone reading this is free and in london tomorrow, I'm going to spend the day in the Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Place watching Elephant, Big Fish (again), Fear X, The Dreamers and Kill Bill 1. Feel free to join me. I'm an idiot.
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