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Wednesday evening I finally left at about 6 to go and have dinner… - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.56 am, Friday 23rd April, 2004
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Wednesday evening I finally left at about 6 to go and have dinner with Nina and Kevin, but I went via FOPP where I was served by the same girl who couldn't apologise enough for the mistake. Dinner was lovely and I made the pudding.

Work yesterday was odd as it was the first day my boss had spent with me, rather than using me as relief cover while he went shopping. Did lots of useful things that should have been done before.

Had my hair cut. Short.

Picked up a curtain on the way back that had been left out on the street. It was big and red and sopping wet, and thusly it died me and my clothes and was incrediby heavy. I ended up taking it back to Nina's to dry and then crawling back home, feeling like my spine was in several small pieces. Which it was.

Bread and cheese for dinner, but what cheese. pecorino with truffles. Oscar was rather upset because he wanted cheese toasties made with room temperature cheese and nice white bread and someone finished off the bread and kept putting the cheese back in the fridge. Watched some Jeeves and Wooster before bed and still can't get the theme tune out of my head.
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