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Interesting times - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 8.17 pm, Sunday 4th April, 2004
Subject: Interesting times
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Music:All i Want - Skunk Anansie
Joe took me to see Dinner on Wednesday (24th), so I took him to dinner at Ed's. The show is very good. Was very good as it has closed now. Nothing hugely special but solid funny script done well without poncing too much. Good cast, good tech. I could pick at it but I don't want to. Good to see Joe again.

Saturday I did culture. English National Opera's production of the Magic Flute at the newly refurbished Colosseum as a guest of Susannah. The show was great, at least to someone who hasn't seen a lot of opera. I like shows with a good comic relief, especially a good musical comic relief. And I like opera in English. I don't like having to read surtitles.

Wednesday (31st) I went to see Gareth and Victoria in "It's Not The Cough That Carries You off" at the Hen and Chickens. They were good, the script wasn't bad (I could fault it, but the playwright is 18 and it's bloody good for what it is), and most of the big flaws can be explained by the five day rehearsal period. Saw Gareth after and there was little to talk about.

Thursday night I had a freakish crazy time preparing presents and cards for my cousins. I got Rachel (19) a copy of spirited away (which she hadn't heard of) and gave Claire (21) my 1915 edition of "The Importance of Being Earnest" and an artwork entitled "Earnest" [Earnest by RW (MMIV) 450 mm x 450 mm Emulsion and print on jersey (photographs to follow)]. Made cards to match. Wrapped everything. Got to sleep about 3am.

Woke 7. Put on a suit and went to work carrying all the presents. Quiet day. Picked up by my dad at closing time. Drive to Coventry. Dinner at some out of the way restaurant. My aunt was late, although I lost the sweepstake for when she would arrive. Claire, whose birthday it was, arrived even later with her boyfriend. And ex. Andrew (16) came with his first proper girlfriend, who was so sweet and babygoffik and didn't say anything. Rachel came with a pretty female friend. I raise an eyebrow. Good meal with unlimited deserts. Both sisters kinda nodded and went "Just what I always wanted" to their presents. Me and my dad, engaged in the arms race to embarrass each other, wiped out the table by discussing great restaurants we have been to in loud voices and eating three puddings each and Talking loudly about how overrated champagne is. Home about midnight. Tech support for mum. Bed about 1.

Woke 6.15. We were on the road complete with piano on trailer and my fairy tale books by 7. Drive to London, leave the piano outside, stack the boxes in the hall and wave goodbye. I make a card for Oscar (housemate, celebrating his 25th birthday that night). Then I make a round box for his present, a genuine Japanese puzzle box, imported via America. Then I start cleaning.

There was a break in the cleaning for a game of shove piano. only a few scars and two points when we could have all died. I have a piano. My own piano. I love it. Should it have a name?

I'm still cleaning at 6 when my first guest arrives for the evenings celebrations. I'm not a big party man, but Terry had been so excited and it was a full blown party affair. Drunk people in every room. I think my favourite part was finally singing with Max, which I'd never managed to do before. Some lovely people there.

As far as I'm concerned, my arbitrary lent finished at midnight, at which point I downed an entire bottle of French sparkling wine (Blanquette De Limoux Robert). Crashed out about 3am after removing the coats, sleeping girl and cat from my bed.

Woke this morning to people drinking tea and taking painkillers. Oscar asked me if I knew who had written the following:
Once upon a time I believed
in what I said. I believed
in the goodness and authority
of the gentleman. That all
will be well if you believe
it will be well. Now. Now...
All I can think is that
I've got it wrong. Nobody
wants to hear what I have
to say. Not even me. I yawn
during my own speeches.

Signed with an indecipherable squiggle.

Now I remember the pen in my hand, so seeing my own tag at the bottom of the page is no surprise. But I don't remember writing those words.

Definitely my handwriting.

Picked up another piece of art on the street when walking Lily to a bus stop. A selection of garden paintings in a print. Helps make the living room look like a sixth form common room. The things people leave outside in the rain.

All in all I think I'm up on the week.

If anyone is free on Tuesday, I'm going to the Zombie Fest at the Prince Charles Cinema. The program is as follows:
2.00 - Braindead
4.00 - Night of the Living Dead
6.30 - Shaun of the Dead
9.00 - 28 Days Later
Tickets are cheap. Please come and join the fun.
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User: benparker
Date: 3.51 am, Wednesday 14th April, 2004 (UTC)
Subject: Eeek...
You have a very iteresting life!
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