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Doesn't time fly when you're avoiding the world? - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 3.13 pm, Wednesday 24th March, 2004
Subject: Doesn't time fly when you're avoiding the world?
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So I ought to say what a wonderful time I've been having and how busy I've been, but the truth is I've been busy immersing myself in doubt. I've had friends I've failed to talk to and parties where I've been the mopey one and basically Things I Have Got Wrong. Nothing big, but a hundred niggly things that make me want to curl up in bed. So I've been playing the hermit. Feeling much better now though.

Went home for mother's day and lazed and gave myself a couple of days to sit back. I've got three or four artistic projects on now that will distract me from everything else as necessary. I do need to do one of them by next week, though, as it is for my cousin's 21st birthday.
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