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Went to see Jumpers at the Picadilly on Saturday which was… - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 1.18 pm, Tuesday 9th March, 2004
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Went to see Jumpers at the Picadilly on Saturday which was disappointing. Two very attractive ladies got naked though, which is always a bonus.

80s party was odd as I was sober. I did go as a new romantic in the end, intending to do my hair and make-up when I arrived. I walked through the door and was accosted by two strangers, the Jesusian James and the feline Mixi, who painted my face. Many nice comments on my boots. Met a guy called Tom who was in Mother Goose at the OPH. Sobriety is odd when everyone else is drunk.

Lunch with Lily on Sunday, which was nice. Good to finally see her and she seems in good spirits. Lazy night. Dance class Monday morning followed by tea with Ruth and the borrowing of some out of print Oulipo books. I'm already most of the way through Which Moped With The Chrome Plated Handlebars In The Corner Of The Yard? Home. Crashed out. Woke at 9ish and started sorting out my wardrobe. Gave up about 4am and tried, unsuccesfully, to sleep.

Now Knackered at work and heavy headed and having to answer questions about tax and such. Have read a silly play today called Helmet.
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Date: 4.08 pm, Friday 19th March, 2004 (UTC)
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