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Is life one long adventure? Do we get chapter breaks? - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 1.16 am, Thursday 4th March, 2004
Subject: Is life one long adventure? Do we get chapter breaks?
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Music:Building a Mystery - Sarah Mclachlan
* Like having your head beaten with your own stomach.

Today has been too emotionally charged.

I woke late and trundled into town to find the loveliest bookshop. bookartbookshop is just off Old Street and it specialises in books with a print run of less than 1000. As I was looking at a book about the art and philosophy of Anthony Hancock, I discovered that a drip from the ceiling had narrowly missed the publication in my hands. I alerted the shop keeper, a very polite lady of completely indeterminate origin and age. She spake thus:

"They're working up there. I'd better tell them we've got a leak. Keep an eye on the shop for a minute, will you?"

Then she disappeared for a few minutes, returning with a cloth to mop up the spillage. I found the most wonderful book, which unfortunately was a little out of my price range. Returned home and used the joys of the internet to discover that my price range was -lots. Chatted to my mum.

I left a lot later than I was intending to and by the time I arrived at the Virgin Megastore at TCR, There was a hefty crowd standing at the live stage. Some hundred or so rude individuals interposed themselves between the lovely Sarah Mclachlan and myself. How dare they. She sang a handful of songs, mostly with a piano. She's wonderful. The face that launched a thousand ships and the voice that lured them to the rocks. When she played Angel I found myself weeping. On a cold Wednesday night in the basement of a corporate giant in the most overgrown city in the world, this moment of beauty made me weep. I couldn't see her behind the piano, and I could only hear her voice through the speakers, but somehow it touched me.

She left the stage without me seeing her and the compere who couldn't pronounce her name drew raffle tickets for free tickets to her gig that I can't afford to go to. I didn't win. Then we were funneled to the signing and I felt awfully alone, crushed in that mass. I thought of beautiful things to write and say and do. They all escape me now, of course. When I finally reached her and got my generic unpersonalised signature, I was unable to speak. I will forever be an anonymous fan on another quick stop off.

Wandered into town. Discovered that what I thought had been a harmless prank had hurt one of my best friends. It goes to show how little I know her and how much I spoil everything in the end. I don't even want to think about it. I certainly don't want to talk about it. But if you are reading this, I am truly very sorry.

Despite having negative money I needed cheering up and Game was still open at that time, so I stopped in and bought a second dance mat so that I can challenge Anna to a game of Dance Stage Euromix, and eventually many other similar games. Got on a tube and came home.

Tom went out and got Blackball dir. Mel Smith on a 99p rental for the night so we watched that. It was just what I needed: classic comedy escapism. It isn't a great film but I laughed a lot and by the end of it I was more than a little hyper and I ended up talking to Oscar about the OULIPO, which I'm surprised I hadn't done before. We discussed a bit of maths and I got him more than a little psyched up, which was a pity as he needed to sleep.

As do I.

Goodnight world. Maybe I'll have better timing in the morning.
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