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Post a comment - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 12.58 pm, Tuesday 2nd March, 2004
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Music:The tapping of 20 keyboards, the creak of the floor.
After my happy but lazy post on Saturday night, I suddenly became active. I worked on my photo archive until 6am, when Max got home from a birthday party. Then a few hours kip and I jumped up and did Useful Things. Still didn't get the jellyfish swimming, though. Did, however, cook goulash, however you spell it.

Didn't sleep well and then had to go to a dance class all the way down in Wandsworth. It was all jolly good fun, but being, effectively, a hired dancer in a class of learners, I kept getting singled out for demonstration and it made me really self conscious. Got the tube to Old Street to find that the bookshop I was heading to is closed Sunday through Tuesday (and even then it only opens 1-6). Got home. Crashed out. Had an awful pain in my back. Two hours in a hot bath eased it, but it still hasn't subsided. failed to do anything useful. Slept fitfully.

Woke early this morning when the postman rang the doorbell. I ran down the stairs to find the postman nowhere to be seen and my package propped on top of the doorknocker. I don't like our postman. Got dressed and biked to the sorting office to collect the previous two mixed packages. One poor guy behind the counter with a constant queue managed to still be helpful and cheery at 9am. I like the guys in the sorting office.

I now have three books from amazon's second hand booksearch that I ought to read as soon as is humanly possible: The Castle of Crossed Destinies by Italo Calvino; Georges Perec: A Life in Words by David Bellos; and The Plurality of Worlds of Lewis by Jacques Roubaud. And I've still got 100pages of If on a Winters Night a Traveller...

I'm at work in the library. All is well but I'm tired and contemplating a shockingly busy week again. Sarah McLachlan is doing a signing tomorrow that I Will Be At, oh yes. I'm working here on Thursday and Friday. I have a party that I'm going to on Saturday, despite not drinking. And I have to get tickets to so many things and I have no money.

I need a rich, attractive lady to pay me money to write.
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