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Too much wine, too much whine - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 12.35 am, Monday 2nd February, 2004
Subject: Too much wine, too much whine
Security: Public
Music:Superbowl commentary
Why do I always feel the need to say It's been the weirdest weekend?

Saturday I should have seen a rehearsal of K-Pax, which I am going to tech. I should have had lunch with Lily. I was running very late. I made a present for Dave and a present for Emily and headed for Oxford and it was 19:00 by the time I walked into the Duke of Cambridge to a warm welcome from David AJ Billen, Joseph PPS Mahon, Kirsty A Lothian, Anthony Cummins and Dr Emily Lispeth O'Brien. Jakal. Together again. It's been a long time.

Emily is still as beautiful as ever. Back for a week on business from Salem, MA. I've missed her but I don't really know her that well. She's another friend getting married.

Kirsty is still the perfect host.

There were cocktails and pizza and wine and tears and Louis Armstrong and then Dave and I were making our way across Oxford with a trophy. I slept with Boomerang playing, waking occasionally to Looney Tunes or Dangermouse. In the morning I helped reorganize his living room and then we went back to Kirsty's for a chicken lunch.

We were late.

But we brought desert.

Then Joe and I saw Emily to her train, and to her hotel. And then she bought us a drink in the hotel bar. And then I pootled home via Charing Cross Road, where at 20:15 I bought Queneau's Flight of Icarus.

Now I'm watching the Superbowl, wondering if I can stay awake til the end. I want to fax Emily a game report in the morning.
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