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I need to type this up before I'll be able to sleep. So I have this… - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 3.04 am, Saturday 31st January, 2004
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Music:League of Gentlemen
I need to type this up before I'll be able to sleep.

So I have this voucher for two free tickets to any film at a UGC cinema. And they run out tonight. So through my day in the library I call a few people who can't come. When I leave for the day, I call a dozen people straight without a single response. Then Michael calls me just as I'm going down the escalator. He says he was heading in to town anyway. So when I jump out at the Trocadero I call him and he says his Nina is watching a film there and he starts on his way in, the thought being we'll have dinner if nothing else. He has a UGC pass and doesn't need my free ticket. I spend the next half hour chatting to lots of people I haven't seen in too long who all can't come.

Mike arrives and we go play some arcade games while we wait for Nina. Then dinner at Ed's. Nina is off to some play but Mike says he'd love to see Elephant, which is good for me. So off Nina goes and off we go and as we are in the queue for tickets, the sign on Elephant goes from available to restricted to sold out. So we see Big Fish instead, that I have been aching to see and deliberately covering my eyes and ears whenever it is mentioned, but Mike has already seen, but doesn't mind seeing again.

It is brilliant. Princess Bride meets Forest Gump. Beautiful throughout. But the last ten minutes reminded me so much of my brother and I wept like a newborn baby. The last line still brings tears to my eyes just to think of it.

I want to be remembered.

Anyway, I blow my nose and wipe my eyes and Mike and I go to HMV so I can have a little retail therapy to cheer me up before I go home. Not that I was down. Just that I could do with some perking up. We check the sales and he buys a magazine and I buy On The Town with the League of Gentlemen. Then we pootle on a tube and I get home. I've finished part I of Life a users manual.

Crawl into the house absolutely drained, just in time for a game of darts which descends into throwing darts and tea lights and wine over everything. So I give up and come to bed. Forgetting of course that I haven't put sheets on my bed.

I feel wonderful. I've had a good old cry and I feel, well, relieved. and it's nice to come back to a house full of people. But I've ad one glass of home brew and I was knackered to start with. Time for bed and a long day tomorrow.
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