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The week in brief: - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.55 am, Friday 30th January, 2004
Subject: The week in brief:
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Mood:Strangely Busy
Music:Six mice clicking, murmurs, phones in the next room
Tuesday: Gareth came round for lunch, which was nice. He began the joys of immortalisation in art and ate my bolognese, followed by ginger cake in a brandy and cream sauce. Then I set about doing some useful things until people started returning home. Made Max desert. Then we went out to search for a bed in the first of the snow, which we well expected to be the last. 10 minutes of slow falling flakes. I bought coffee for him and Baileys flavoured hagen das for me.

Wednesday: I had grand plans to get many useful things done and then take Tom's bike to the bike shop and then get to the RNT to see His Dark Materials II and then stay for the party afterwards. However, I made a frame for my mirror and hung it up and then fixed one of my calicos to the ceiling. Then I had to put my room back together and hang everything up and hoover the carpet and then it was half five. And finally, after days of all my friends from all over saying "It's snowing here!" and me saying "I live in London where it never snows", it started to snow. No, it started to Snow. Proper Snow. The Big Freeze. So I failed horribly to take Tom's bike to the bike shop and I only just made it to the National. The play is very good. Despite its wanky bits. It is a bit long though and by the time it finished it was time to go home.

Thursday: Came in to the library for 1400, having failed to deliver Tom's bike once more. Sat in the big chair until 1800 when I was relieved. Ran off for fish and chips and then went to see Lost in Translation with Nina. It is very good. Most notably, not a lot happens to two people who are very normal in character, rather than lots of unbelievable things happening to unbelievable people. Lots of gentle humour and words not quite spoken. Home and sleep.

Friday: Woke up. Came to work. Had one cup of tea and one sausage and egg batch. Have been copying Waiting for Godot and its textual notes as I am trying to make an ultimate actors copy. Went for teabreak and had tea and a teacake. Then the door wouldn't reopen when I returned. Bastard. Hit it very hard and then it let me in. Boring chunk. Lunch break I had a jacket spud with chilli and cheese and one cup of tea. Fought with the lock again. Now I've been visited by the lovely Daphne, who has new photos, and I have been called by the lovely Susannah, who has a new house. I now have a copy of the Lord Chamberlain's Regulations.

I've been desperately trying to read Life: A User's Manual by Georges Perec. It's very good, but very dense. I've been reading up on Oulipo and I'm very much intrigued. I want to know about the constrictions placed around this book. I want to know the solutions to all the puzzles I haven't yet discovered. But I don't want to think too hard about it until I've read it through. I want it to just be a novel on the first reading.

I had this idea to write a radio play entirely in answerphone messages. With even more contrivances and constrictions it could work within the forms of Oulipo.

Jobs for when I have too much time.
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User: benparker
Date: 4.15 pm, Friday 6th February, 2004 (UTC)
Subject: His Dark Materials
Wanted to see HDM but no tickets left... loved the book.
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