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Merry Christmas!! - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 9.28 pm, Thursday 25th December, 2003
Subject: Merry Christmas!!
Security: Public
Music:Michael Buble
Well, so much for being organised and posting cards in time and getting in touch and keeping in touch and buying presents that people would treasure and spending time with family. I've not sent any cards (sorry) and I did all my Christmas shopping at French's and HMV. But on the other hand today has been a beautiful waste of a day and I'm absolutely stuffed and more than a little drunk. Thank-you to anyone who sent me anything and sorry for being shit at remembering to thank-you personally. I'm in Coventry for the next few days if anything's going down, Aisa.

Merry Christmas and may god bless us, every one.
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