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How long has it been? - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 3.17 pm, Friday 12th December, 2003
Subject: How long has it been?
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I haven't really posted since 23/11. I wonder if I can remember what's happened....

There was a grey patch of useless time, followed by an incredibly crazy weekend. Thursday was the premiere of Shoreditch with Shane Ritchie. Friday I worked in the library and then collected Cath from Luton airport. Saturday was up to Oxford and watching Scooby Doo with Faye. Sunday was to Reading to meet Cath's mum, randomly. Then she missed her plane so there was much early morning carnage followed by a mindles man working in the library Monday morning.

I worked my 40 hrs in the library the week of the 1st as Anthony was North of the border. Tidied the place up. Wasted a lot of time. Watched a lot of ebay. Read Jasper Fforde.

Last weekend there was dinner party insanity in the house and I caught a cold off someone, probably while singing with housemates +Rana while drinking hot toddies at 4am. So I've been feeling sorry for myself and being in a realy shitty mood and pissing off my housemates and generally being no fun at all. Sorry world.

Came in to college on Monday to check Anthony was alright, and he seemed to be. In to town and bought my first christmas present. Then back out to my flat to meet my dad, who brought six bottles of home made wine and a staple gun, took me to work in the Empire, Leicester Square (from which we gained a coatrack and a whiteboard) and then took me home, collecting our recycling bin on his way out. Cheers dad.

Two days in bed. Felt really shitty. Did some batik. Now have the fabric for my wallhangings. Just need the wood to make the frames. Sorted the house network. Kinda.

Ended up working in the library again yesterday and today. Anthony is off sick and the replacement still isn't properly trained up. Went to an art show last night where I almost bought wallpaper, but it was £50 a metre. Then to a trendy bar in brick lane, where I ran into Shamal of all people.

And today I'm working and then out for drinks with lovely people. Nice.

The problem about not having kept this journal properly is that I know there were things I meant to write, beautiful insights that should have been shared with the world, or at least stored somewhere for when the muse has lost my address, that now will be lost to the ether, never to be repeated.

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