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Feeling a bit useless, but then, what's new? Friday in the library… - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 7.46 pm, Sunday 23rd November, 2003
Subject: (no subject)
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Music:handsome george - been smoking too long
Feeling a bit useless, but then, what's new?

Friday in the library was weird. I'd only had 3 hours sleep and I was blitzed. Then a drink with Emma, which was lovely, and we bought her a toy. Then Fran's birthday dinner, which was great, although the only person I didn't speak to was Fran.

Someone said they worried about me. In fact, three separate people all said it on Friday. Do I really give off the air of someone in trouble? I hate the idea of people worrying about me. Although it is nice to know that someone cares.

After a very nice dinner, and cake, we went to a cocktail bar and then I got a taxi home with Amani and Gareth. Got in about 1 to find my housemates sitting down to a game of poker.

6am I finished dealing.

7am I was in bed.

By 1pm I was shopping for toys.

Missed Ward's birthday stuff because I fell asleep. Sorry guys. Exhaustion has it's downside. Then I couldn't sleep. Woke up about 2pm today and have a lazy day with Terry. Now we have a cat and a pretty lady in the house, neither of which I was expecting.
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