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Be vewy vewy quiet.... - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 3.28 pm, Friday 31st October, 2003
Subject: Be vewy vewy quiet....
Security: Public
Music:Why must the show go on? - Noel Coward
So I went to the party and got there as it started. I wore the rose shirt and black trousers. I ended up helping by giving out pitching forms and voting forms for the nokia shorts competition. But at least I got in free and didn't pay for drinks.

Brief overview: Entrance leads to toilets, tickets and cloakroom. Through to main bar (noisy talking all night). Off right to "VIP" bar (suede everywhere, champagne all night) or through to the event room (changeable, rumbling later).

The first event was Live Ammunition. Members of the audience step up, put a fiver in the hat and pitch their film to the panel. Best pitch gets the pot. Now most of the pitches were lousy and most of the panel were too polite. The films might have been good, but the pitches were lousy. Until...

A blonde American steps up to the mike. "Hello. My name is Susan Corcoran and tonight I want to take you on a Trip to Fallopian." She was fantastic. Maybe I was biased because she had given me swag, but she was by far the best pitch in the pot.

Back to boring people. I got to the point of trying to make up a pitch. I adapted the answerphone idea in my head and even came up with an ending of sorts. I'd just got it all straight when Elliot announced that we only had time for three more and there were five in the queue. It passed.

While the judges went off to deliberate, they showed the Nokia 15 seconds of fame competition finalists. 9 short films of 15s each. A couple of them were really good. Votes in for that. The judges return. Susan has won. Then a drink before the next panel which was a group of directors who were all having their debut features shown at the festival. Nice to listen to.

I helped strike the projection screen and the microphones and then felt at a bit of a loss. Oscar kept introducing me to people and then walking off and I was too tired to be properly sociable. I ended up collapsing into a sofa with all the volunteers. Which was nice. I pitched them the answerphone idea. They liked it. Pitched it to Oscar. He liked it. I've just got to write the bugger now.

Audry didn't turn up.

2am. The place kicks out Oscar is with people and they want to go on somewhere and I know he's tired and he likes them but he needs to sleep so I have to be the sensible one and keep trying to shunt him away which from the body language isn't going down badly but he doesn't come so I give up and then nowhere is open and we end up getting in a taxi with one of them and we're taken very near home and we both crash out almost immediately on getting home.

I wake up late on Thursday. Do a bit of washing up. Assume I'm the only one in the house. Oscar comes down after a while and makes tea. Asks for my help clearing out his old office. We start that at 2pm and are just finished at 6.30, when there is teaching in that building and Oscar has to go do a Q&A session. I scrounged an empty film canister, some useful cable and a shelf.

Wondered into town and had a drink with Lily. Which was nice. Tried to call Lois but she didn't pick up. Debated whether or not to accept a kind offer of pumpkin soup from Amani, but decided against it and went home. Put shelves up. Set computer up enough to check my email by connecting to uk2's dialup (which is probably hideously expensive) through a bluetooth connection to my mobile (which is the first time I've got bluetooth to do anything useful).

Alarm went at 7. Got up at 7:50. Dressed hurridly and rushed straight to Mountview to start work. It's been a slow day, being half term, and I've been too tired to think straight. Have seen Jonathan and had a cup of tea and looked at a couple of scenes from our end of year films. Texted Nick, which means his phone is working. Chatted to my dad.

After this I'll be off to a Halloween party in Muswell Hill. I'm wearing the same outfit I wore last year, but I'd rather that than not dress up at all.
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Apathys Last Kiss
User: turpentinekissx
Date: 5.23 am, Sunday 2nd November, 2003 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
wow that event/party you went to sounds brilliant, although I know I couldn't cope with the size and lonelyness of london, I envy you so much having the guts to live there.

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