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Time offline part the first - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 4.33 pm, Wednesday 29th October, 2003
Subject: Time offline part the first
Security: Public
Music:The whir of a happy network
I did get a brief dip in the hot tub, but then I saw sense and crawled up to bed. Woke at 8 with a cup of tea from my mother. Dressed. Packed a little. Descended at 9 to find my father stomping about outside.
"Nothing. I just said hello."
"What can I do for you?"
"Nothing. Cause I have to do everything. I thought we were leaving at 9 but obviously you've got a different plan. I'm meant to be a fucking mindreader because you never tell me anything."
Aparrantly I was meant to help unload the van, which I didn't even know needed doing. Oh well

We picked my cousin Andrew up and my dad mellowed a lot at having an outsider there. Uneventful trip to London. We started loading up in Turnpike Lane and my dad did complain about me overloading some boxes, to the point that he ripped some open and started loading them into other boxes. When I asked him why he said "Well if you want me to lift that I'll only be lifting one. My back won't take it." So then me and Andrew carried the rest down and he shut up. It's odd to think of me being stronger than my dad in any sense.

About halfway through the load my dad started getting worried about space in the van, to the point of asking me what I was leaving. In the end, everything but my bike and the bookcases went in.

He took the scenic route to Willesden Green and I sat in a cubby hole in the back of the van with no light at all, but from the arguements he was having with the other road users, I was glad of the segregation.

Unloading at WG was uneventful apart from occaisional outbursts of "How Much Stuff?" from my house mates. Andrew stayed afterwards and I took him for burgers at Ed's (did classic singing backing to the jukebox) and then we went to see Finding Nemo. Made a birthday card for my mum.

Monday we woke late, and then I took Andrew in to town. We went to the Tate Modern and saw the Sun and the Still Life. Then a bracing walk down the south bank and up to Itsu's for lunch. He seemed to like sushi. Then I tried to find my mum a birthday present (I failed) and then I put him on a train.

It was odd spending time with Andrew. I've lost touch with all my cousins. Andrew's 15 now. Much oddness to be written about later.

Have to go as my shift is nearly over.
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