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After the exhaustion of a Paul Harris warmup on Thursday night, I… - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 11.50 am, Saturday 25th October, 2003
Subject: (no subject)
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After the exhaustion of a Paul Harris warmup on Thursday night, I crawled home and was about to fall asleep when I realised what a bad idea it would be for me to have not painted my room before my parents get here. So I jumped on a tube and arrived in 184 Walm Lane at about midnight. By 5am I had painted 2.5 walls and the ceiling. Sleep (a couple of hours). Tube across town (which was awful). 11am train from Euston (which was packed).

I had just found a seat and pulled out my book when a very attractive young lady in a black strappy (as in straight jacket) top, purple (I believe) fur coat and the most faantastic make up sits next to me. She pulls out a folder from which she produces a fetish map of London and a torn stub from the Rubber Ball which remain on the fold down thing while she does crosswords in a puzzle book. I didn't say anything.

Coventry. Home. Wished my nan happy birthday. Measured up furniture. Walked round old school and my dad showed me off. Ate chips. Was polite to family. Ate cake. Fell asleep about 8pm with my arms and legs aching.

Woke at 7. Have liberated book shelves from the local school and we've fixed up furniture for the new place. Trip down today to finish the painting and fit some stuff in, then back tomorrow for the big switch.
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