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The Day The Earth Stood Still - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.01 pm, Thursday 23rd October, 2003
Subject: The Day The Earth Stood Still
Security: Public
Music:The Peggy Vestas - My Space
Yesterday I packed and packed and then dashed into town. Went to Equity, Spotlight and then Raindance. A quick dash to Pearl and Dean to deliver trailers. Then a run with print to UGC Trocadero and a few hours with a lovely Spaniard manning the RD booth there. Home. Some painting. Some sleep.

Today I painted. Remembered 1) I hate painting 2) I'm shit at painting. But still, I should finish most of it tonight. Dancing was great tonight. A really harsh warmup which is what I needed. Don't want to sleep.

I would normally say "why are all the best ones taken?" but I've had that blown out tonight. I'll content myself by saying "If the best ones aren't taken, why can't I get them?". I suppose she's right. I lack the courage.
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