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Every day a new adventure - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 1.40 am, Wednesday 22nd October, 2003
Subject: Every day a new adventure
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Mood:tired (but needing to work)
Music:Robbie Williams - Beyond The Sea
Monday night suddenly got busy. I went from psyching myself up for a social gathering to tearing into town for a meeting about volunteering then had too run to the tube and was incredibly late getting to Victoria's for the play reading. Brought a bottle of red and some cake. Drank a bottle of red, near enough. Ate some cake. It was a lovely little social gathering. The play reading itself was, however, a bit of a farce. And all the conversations gravitated towards agents and auditions. Everyone left pretty early to get tubes and I didn't stay very long. Eventful journey home to Willesden Green. I'm sorry. Home. Crashed out watching family guy.

Woke. Undercoated my door frame. Went to Raindance. Delivered flyers to UCL. Posters hadn't arrived yet, so Jeff (French, actor, RD volunteer) and I took flyers around the local cafes, actor's haunts, etc. Then went to Finchley Road and had Ed's for dinner (which wasn't up to their usual standard). Watched the fish while waiting for Fran, Amani and Gareth. There was a huge tank of tropical fish that was very well lit except for one small panel, crowded in which were about a dozen large orange fish who just hovered, staring blankly. Very disconcerting.

Went to see Finding Nemo. It's really funny. Heartily recommended. Bluffer's guide quotes to watch for: "Mate. Mate. Mate." "My bubbles!"

Given a recent conversation with Oscar, I paid real attention to the music. There was one moment in the film that wasn't soppy at all (the chinese whispers sequence) and yet I found a tear coming to my eye as the music swelled. And the real tear-jerking sequence, rather than the standard disneythegoodguyswintearfulending, had no music. No background sound at all. Just dialogue, quietly spoken. And it was the first part of the film with silence.

Coffee afterwards and talked about this journal, oddly enough. Hello to anyone new reading this. Feel incredibly odd having just revealed this to the world. Like opening my shirt and asking the assembled crowd to stab me. But it's good. The worst thing is the paranoia that someone will take offense at something here or on the website which has never been my intention.

Ought to be packing stuff up. Or painting the other place. But I've got to sleep sometime.
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
User: weaselspoon
Date: 12.03 am, Wednesday 22nd October, 2003 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
The seagulls are obviously saying Mate. If they are seagulls. I thought they might be mutton birds cause they looked a bit big to be seagulls, but, hey, they're birds? What more do you want? Talking fish?

Can you tell I didn't sleep enough.
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