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I should be tired I suppose - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 1.14 am, Sunday 19th October, 2003
Subject: I should be tired I suppose
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Music:Late Night - Lover Man
On my way out to the tate last night I was called by Cath and then my mother and then my father so I was late leaving by quite a chunk and then I got to the tube station and there were no picadilly line trains due to a derailment so I was trying to get on a bus but then three of them passed me without stopping but then I got one and managed to get on a tube at finsbury park which incidentally spelt backwards is krapy rub snif and I'm running from southwark station and I run into Katherine Wheatley who has no right to be in London she's working for accenture of all people so then I'm bounding around the corner and I finally get there and I'm forty minutes late and bollocks I must learn to spell his name at some point is just arriving and then we're there and it might be a bit weird but we're there and we walk into the turbine hall and they stand by the railings and they're silhouetted against the bastard amber and she leans against him and they both shrug they're shoulders and they're beautiful.

We wonder around the modern. Actually, just the sun and the diving men. Then we went to the Anchor and I managed to out talk both of them by myself. I walked them to their tube and then do my usual walk through town. As I get in to the centre I get a call from Oscar saying that he's still at the new flat and do I want to come out and see him and get my keys so I do. I walk to Green Park and get the Jubilee line and as I sit reading the last chapter of AHWOSG these two girls opposite are giggling. I catch an eye and she says that both of them have read the book I'm reading. They're heading my way and recommend a good 24 hour shop. They're Aussies I think. Possibly Kiwis. Kate and something that sounded like Lucinda.

I walked back to the place a need to learn to call home. Oscar is painting. We have tea and chat and I try to give him a hand but I'm too scared of getting paint on my clothes. So I measure up my room and crash out about 3am. I'm still clothed and I'm cold and I have no pillow. I get up about 4 and get the towels from the bathroom. One rolled beneath my head and one pulled over me.

Phone wakes me up at 8.30 and I leave. Freezing all the way home. I walk back to wilesdon green tube and then change at green park. I'm sure that I saw "Lucinda" getting on as I got off. Cold on the tube all the way back to Turnpike Lane. Home, shower, straight out again. Highbury and Islington. Phone my mum while walking up upper street. Find the most fantastic furniture shops and wish I had more money.

King's Head. Johnjo by Tom O'Brien starring Terry O'Brien. Met my mum's friend Janice who introduced me to all her friends. Pint of Best. Saw the show. Very good. Did drift a little, but that was more to do with the lack of sleep. Pint of Best. Met the cast. Then lunch was suggested. Suddenly realised I hadn't eaten in 24 hours.

Lunch at a place called Gallipoli. Meze. Bream. Mint tea. Tony kept refilling my wine glass. Eleanor Lee walked past outside and I ran down the road to say hi. She's living in Islington and working in comedy management. Back to the restaurant. A little more wine. I mentioned the Marriage of Figaro and Janice's sister knew a member of the cast. Cherubino. Who is gorgeous. She will know she has a fan.

It's six by the time I'm back in at Turnpike Lane. I walk up to WHSmith and buy Coupling 3 and Jackie Brown with the last of my vouchers. On the top of the shelf where the DVDs are there was a book. A singular book. Gallipoli. More strangeness. Home. Fell asleep. Meant to go to a party. Now I'm not tired. I don't feel like doing anything useful. I can't really call anyone.

Jar, as I am so fond of saying, bollocks.
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Apathys Last Kiss
User: turpentinekissx
Date: 7.34 am, Sunday 19th October, 2003 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
fantastic icon.

your life sounds just so typical of living in london.

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