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How much!!?? For a NUTCRACKER!!! - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 12.39 am, Sunday 12th October, 2003
Subject: How much!!?? For a NUTCRACKER!!!
Security: Public
Music:Huw & Tony Williams - The Crying Shore
Oscar is a most tiring bunny.

I have been to battersea and taken photographs of the power station. Then the affordable art fair where I found some beautiful prints and the most fantastic nutcracker (pictures to follow). Then an attempt to find a jessops which failed miserably. Then dinner at Eds and drinks at the theatre bar. Finally to the trocadero for shooting things and sale browsing. at 23:30.

I'm finally home and I'm not tired at all. It's candle lit here as the lighting is still down and I'm sick of using my angle-poise.

I want to write words of beauty and elegance.
I want to throw my thoughts down as a challenge to all opposed.
I want to make the word notice something. Anything.
But I feel the spiral and I should crawl into bed before my head starts pounding.
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