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Interesting Times? - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 1.00 am, Saturday 27th September, 2003
Subject: Interesting Times?
Security: Public
Music:They Might Be Giants - First Kiss
What a night. I'm so high. No drugs bar alcohol.

I got up. I did stuff. I went round Mike's and played games. (Soul Caliber II ++) Then to the theatre and happy bouncy warm ups and a cracking good show. Then to the bar where we drank muchly. And happy smiley people with drinks in hand saying well done and how do you do. And then to All Bar One and more drinks and Bruce and Jeanie and Nick and more of the howdees and I was hyper and scared poor Kate. Then there was much giggling as I put Susannah on a bus. Then last orders at the King's Head and finally biking home. Screaming all the way.

I just feel so .. hungry. So many wants. I want to reach out and hold the world.

I am happy.
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