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Right. Backtrack time. - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 10.30 pm, Wednesday 24th September, 2003
Subject: Right. Backtrack time.
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Mood:Barely Contained
Music:They Might Be Giants - Another First Kiss
It's been a week since I posted anything of note. Let's see if I can remember what's been happening.

Tuesday night I saw the Argument by Theatre O at the Barbican. Good but it paled in comparison to Three Dark Tales. It just seemed incongruous. The dancing and comedy and pathos were all segregated. Good quote: Optician: Any visionary problems? Patient: I keep dreaming of the future. Good music included A Night In Tunisia and something by the Divine Comedy.

Wednesday night myself and Mike bit the bullet and acquired a KFC bucket which was needed as a prop. Then I went back to his place and played games. Just as I was leaving Mike's, Cath called. We chatted for far too long.

Thursday was the presentation of the dance awards, followed by barely concealed resentment and embaressment and wine. I know Paul means well, but I wanted to hit him.

Friday was producer's run. Jarbollocks say I. Amir gave good notes and we had a cracking run in the afternoon. Annie in the canteen gave us all cake. And there was birthday cake for Sarah.

Saturday was a day for useful jobs. Then to the plotting session and I stayed to the end. Coffee with Susannah. Beautiful and strange.

Sunday I went to Oxford. Lunch with Dave in Joe's, then G&D's, then to madders for some bad news. Then we met Cath from the station and back to madders. Then to Fishers for dinner. Walked Cath back home.

Monday. Arrived back at my flat 7:45. Call at 9 at the Mountview. Just made it. Teching all day. Emotionally jumpy. Home and sleep.

Tuesday we teched at the Criterion which made me realise just how hard you've got to work out there. Left with Susannah and we did a little shopping (I bought a new shirt for costume and she bought some make-up). I walked her to Charing Cross Station talking about OCDs and alcohol. Then a stroll up to Warren Street for me. I got home to lights flickering, and then deciding to stay off altogether. The wiring in this house is a deathtrap.

Today it was in to the Criterion for a dress and a show, both of which I felt uncommunicative and unconnected. I put a good luck message on the vodafone board for Susannah, but she missed it. Met Lily, Oscar, Mark and Dave in the bar afterwards. Then to All Bar One. Spent all my money on dinner. Then crashed and had to get out of there before I broke down. I've been cold all day and waiting to swing either way and suddenly realising that I'm completely broke won it. It was fighting against Susannah and Emma, who offered stiff competition.

Oscar's going to take me to the Saville club next week.
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