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Musings? - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 12.10 pm, Thursday 11th September, 2003
Subject: Musings?
Security: Public
Music:Raise the roof, as will be performed in my showcase.
We started singing this morning and Gareth and I have ended up in the low men (we're all baritones I think). But I think that's for the best because we'll give it some clout where it needs it.

I was in such a good mood this morning. I'm not saying I'm down now, but I'm back to earth. Even the oxygen starvation I associate with singing can't keep me on that high. I can still feel it. It's like waking from a fantastic dream but not knowing what it was about. You can feel that warmth and happiness of good things happening, but not the joy and elation of them happening to you.

I suppose I ought to eat, this being lunchtime, but I'm not hungry. I think I want to dance. I've got an exam on Monday which is a great excuse to dance with beautiful ladies whenever possible.

I ought to try writing something congruent and coherent. I keep writing fragments and poetry and things that don't matter. I need to create something. I want to paint my life across the skyline. I suppose that's why I keep this. It lets me believe I'm creating something. Musings. That which invites the muse? I don't invite the muse, I beg the muse, scream and shout and plead for her to show her face. Never works.
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