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It's been a weird evening. Finished the rose shirt, and there is a… - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 12.30 am, Monday 8th September, 2003
Subject: (no subject)
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It's been a weird evening. Finished the rose shirt, and there is a whole rant about that. Then packed to come back. We left about 7 but hit horrible traffic and then had to negotiate central London. Parked up in Soho and went for a site visit at the UCI in Leicester Square (the Empire, I believe) and then dinner at Ed's. So I'm sitting there in Ed's on Old Compton Street with both my parents and we're all wearing shirts and eating burgers and it's 10:30 and the pubs have started kicking out and I'm showing my parents around places that are so familiar to me and there are gay men everywhere around and we got a parking ticket and I don't give a fuck. Then we try and get out again. I was very reasonable. I didn't lose my temper until my father turned right when I said left and then tried to blame it on me. Then I suddenly became shockingly efficient and detached and patronising. Got home fine after that. They left here 11:30. Hope they get back OK. We're all a bit knackered. Didn't get time to go in the hot tub, unfortunately.

BTW, forgot to note the ongoing game of true names. My current favourite for me is Lucifer Waters, and for some reason I do find Justice Coster somehow fitting for Susannah.
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