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After Hours - A Most Illuminating Tale
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Robert Wells or Mr Waters
Date: 2.47 pm, Sunday 7th September, 2003
Subject: After Hours
Security: Public
Music:Too Close For Comfort - Jane Horrocks
Good night last night. Finally went out in Coventry. Only Garry joined me of all the people I called, but we had such a good night. It was "Fetish Night". He danced more than I've seen him dance in a long time. Especially to the comedy numbers at the end (Uncle Fucker, Banana Splits Theme, Nellie the Elephant, etc.). Saw TJ for the first time in, what, three years. He looks almost respectable. At kick out, after being accosted by a gentleman who was "definitely not gay", we walked back to Garry's place and played Playstation until dawn. Actually, I say playstation but it was just Micromaniacs. Actually, I say Micromaniacs but it was actually just the track called A-Maze-Ing Race. Until 5am. Then I gave up and went to catch the first bus. However, being a Sunday, the first bus runs at 8:30, so I walked home. Huge blisters by the time I got back, but it was worth it. I love industrial dawns. Smoke rising like candy floss in the pink light. The tall buildings picked out in orange against the crisp morning sky. Dew on the sleeping taxis. It really is like seeing the world for the first time. Then a few hours sleep, a shower, plasters for my feet and some more work on the rose shirt. God it's three o'clock already. What am I doing sitting here writing this?
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Apathys Last Kiss
User: turpentinekissx
Date: 10.25 am, Sunday 7th September, 2003 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
sounds like a great old skool nite.

wish I could have came out for an hour or so.
wish I could have seen you, - and Garry for that matter.

take care :)
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